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Location: Home  Mappacks  TMStars Challenge Series - Spring Edition 
Mappack Info Report mappack
Name: TMStars Challenge Series - Spring Edition
Creator:   angelhard
Managers:   viPer    spetyka95 
ID: 576 
Created / Edited: 23 March 2020 18:13:32 / 19 April 2020 21:03:59
TP / Environment: esl_comp / Stadium
Type: Competition
Style: Mixed
Tracklist Released: Yes
 Map request
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Join TMStars Hungary discord to get more infos.

UPDATE: Due to the high amount of maps, we have to close the map submission for "TA Seed phase" at 4PM on Sunday. If you send a map after this deadline, there will be only two playoff slots available for all remained maps. So, please upload your map(s) in time. Also, we want to thank you for lots of great maps we received.

MAP REQUEST TMStars Challenge Series - Spring Edition
- Environment: Stadium
- Style: Mixed
- Mood: Day, Sunset, Sunrise
- Competition Title Pack: Allowed
- Length: 70-80sec (1/3 tech, 1/3 dirt, 1/3 fullspeed; style order is your choice)
- Difficulty: Easy-Medium
- Blockmix allowed (avoid the graphical and other bugs)
- Custom blocks allowed
- Name: $i$fffTMS$000 - $[YOURCHOICE]mapname $000'$aaaCS
- Deadline: 19/04/2020

!!!IMPORTANT!!! You have to use the "TMS Signpack": Download

Take a look at our past events. You can see how "our" mixed style conception looks like.
Winter Mix Cup 2019
Trackmania Magyar Lan 2017
Track List 0 tracks
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