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Location: Home  Mappacks  DdariQ's EZ Valley Shorts 
Mappack Info Report mappack
Name: DdariQ's EZ Valley Shorts
Creator:   DdariQ
Managers: (none)
ID: 620 
Created / Edited: 30 March 2020 14:25:14 / 05 May 2020 21:44:47
TP / Environment: TMValley / Valley
Type: Standard
Style: Mixed
Tracklist Released: Yes
A miniseries of "old" maps from MP3 when I had no idea how to build maps properly. Later in 2020 I remade some maps as well. In 2016 I screwed around and built #1, #2, #3 and #1 + (very bad naming scheme kind of deliberately, especially with the remakes later on). The emphasis is on symmetrical maps some with multiple routes, most are just variations. Not proud of these maps, I can build better. These were just quickly built low quality maps on purpose.
Track List 0 tracks
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