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 Wintry Tech Session

by  TaBiiiC |  3 |  593277
 Standard |  Tech |  Stadium |  esl_comp
ID  899 
 18 January 2021 18:33:41 |  28 January 2021 14:20:51
The Wintry Tech Session basically is 3 tech maps with a length of 40-50seconds each. The maps are named by their color and have the xmas mod since it's winter season.
Since there are not many competitions on TM2Stadium anymore, this mappack can be used by anyone who wishes to make a competition out of it. I personnaly did not plan on hosting a competition myself because I do not have the requirements to organize such events.
There's a showcase of the mappack on youtube that you can also find on top of this page.
Here's the mappack demonstration : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siEkXrVQSE0&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel=TaBiiiC
I hope you will enjoy these 3 maps.
Good luck!
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