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Mappack NameCreatorStyleType EnvironmentTracks Etc
X - Short hard maps   ArkesTM LOL Standard Stadium4
LolTomek's   tomek_k. LOL Standard Stadium17
Chapter One: Sette   Lucario/ Mixed Standard Stadium8
asteri duo maps    asteri Mixed Standard Stadium9
Owen J's Pursuit Maps   Owen J Other Standard 32
Frosteri    asteri Tech Standard Stadium18
TMO Desert Race   Owen J Mixed Campaign Valley17
Landrush Stadium   Mekh Mixed Campaign Valley2
Marceline Saint Mappack   Mekh Mixed Standard 8
asteri cup #2    asteri Mixed Competition Stadium6
Knockouts - KO11   PangoLynne Mixed Competition Valley77
Knockouts - KO10   PangoLynne Mixed Competition 60
Knockouts - KO9   PangoLynne Mixed Competition 283
Knockouts - KO8   PangoLynne Mixed Competition 312
Knockouts - KO7   PangoLynne Trial Competition 57
Knockouts - KO6   PangoLynne Multilap Competition 22
Knockouts - KO5   PangoLynne Mixed Competition 116
Knockouts - KO4   PangoLynne Mixed Competition 99
Knockouts - KO3   PangoLynne Mixed Competition 180
Knockouts - KO2   PangoLynne Mixed Competition 223
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