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Name: TrackMania Open FullSpeed Solo Cup 2019
Creator:   maik #tmo
Managers:   TA» Arthann!    AR »DrHugs.    Keissla.way 
ID: 152 
Created / Edited: 19 June 2019 15:48:27 / 27 June 2019 09:32:17
TP / Environment: ( - ) / ( - )
Type: Competition
Style: Fullspeed
Tracklist Released: No
 Map request
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Welcome to the TrackMania Open FullSpeed Solo Cup 2019 Map Request!

You can submit your Maps for the cup by uploading them to this Mappack. Maps will be set to hidden and unreleased by default.

Map Requirements:

Titlepack:TM² Competition Titlepack or TM² Stadium

Mood:Day. 64x64 is allowed but 32x32 is preferred

Style:FullspeedOverspeed (800+km/h)is allowed but don’t overuse it

Difficulty:Challenging but enjoyable

Length: 55 – 70 seconds

Route: Avoid the use of Random boosts, Antiboosts, Engine cuts, Bumpers, No grip blocks and avoid random transitions. A risky finish (max .3 faster) is encouraged

Custom Items:Allowed. This includes embedded items from the competition titlepack as well as external items

Blockmix:Allowed. Keep it clean. It must not cause any visual glitches or flickering

Scenery: Keep it light-ish and don’t block visibility with it. It should be playable on low-end hardware

Media Tracker: Only allowed for Camchanges and a GPS. Only indicate your GPS by ingame signs and don't use any on-screen text.

Signpack: TrackMania Open Signpack (Click to download)

Additional Information

Your map must be known only by yourself and must not be seen by anyone else before a possible release. Therefore building live on stream is not allowed anymore.

Declined maps from other tournaments are allowed as long as they have not been shown to/driven by anyone but maptesters.

Maximum of three maps per author including multi-author maps

Mapname: $eb1tmo$034# $fffYourNameHere – Please don’t use any additional formatting like $i , $n or any other colour. Your name should not contain any offensive words, no special characters, no team or player names and no company names.

Deadline: 19.07.2019

Visit: or our Discord Server!
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