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 CCP#18 - Almond

by  Mr. Nordplay  |  62
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AT   00:47.751 |  Canyon / CanyonCar   |   Intermediate 
ID  212588 
 18 December 2020 06:39:01
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MX | 2020 CCP#18 - Almond by Nordplay ManiaExchange  eFFecT
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# Record User Score Date
1st   00:44.680  Tacksedo 62 (100%) 27-12-20
2nd   00:44.704  procoli 49.6 (80%) 27-12-20
3rd   00:44.950  Minimariner 40.3 (65%) 22-12-20
4th   00:46.092  Roche 34.1 (55%) 19-12-20
5th   00:46.988  Mr. Nordplay 28.52 (46%) 18-12-20
6th   00:47.898  Larentz 24.8 (40%) 07-01-21
7th   00:48.261  Troulet 21.7 (35%) 29-12-20
8th   00:48.478  Harest 18.6 (30%) 18-12-20
9th   00:53.950  threading 16.12 (26%) 19-12-20
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 Author Comments
Hello everyone! I am happy to upload my map for the 18th December. Map itself is a combination of drift and a jump. Hopefully the ambient mood will give you a feeling of Christmas with the snow decoration and no clouds.

Little explanation, exactly why the map is called almond.

The story of the use of almonds in porridge during the Christmas season is actually a French tradition, but back then it was not almonds, but a bean in a cake that was celebrated on the evening of the 5th of January. The one who found the prayer was king for a day, it was a game where one could command what the others should do. We know that the custom appeared in Denmark in the 19th century, but then in the form of an almond in porridge or rice cream, but the same game. Then it has developed that instead of being king for a day, you get a marzipan pig as a prize

French tradition gives you still these as the winner price:
image link: Image of King plastic figures

In norway you will get this marzipan pig as a prize: Image of marzipan pig
I want to thank to   xd.Cinimini for hosting CCP this year

Also thank you   eFFecT for creating a showcase video of this map

Have a good day, wish you all a happy Christmas! :)
 Embedded objects19 Objects
Object IX? Object author
ArenaBridgeBorderStraight.Item.Gbx eyebo.wp
Asmoothening3.Item.Gbx eyebo.wp
RoadRaceTiltToRoadRaceDiagIn2.Item.Gbx eyebo.wp
C_Transition_R22.Item.Gbx eyebo.wp
ArenaBridgeSlopeTwistMirrored.Item.Gbx eyebo.wp
ArenaBridgeSlopeStraightGTCurve2.Item.Gbx eyebo.wp
zArenaBridgeSlopeStraight.Item.Gbx eyebo.wp
CPlatformFlatH.Item.gbx xrayjay
CPlatformFlatHTransF.Item.gbx xrayjay
CAR.Item.gbx xrayjay
C-Left.Item.gbx xrayjay
C-RoadLeft.Item.gbx xrayjay
C-LWhite.Item.gbx xrayjay
CanyonRoadMainToArenaTunnelLeftWideUp.Block.Gbx Larentz
CanyonRoadMainToArenaTunnelRightWideDown.Block.Gbx Larentz
ConcreteCornerQuarterSquare.Item.Gbx Mebe12
PillarFloor.Item.Gbx Mebe12
PillarMiddle.Item.Gbx Mebe12
CP40M.Item.Gbx luk-t-obk
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CCP 2020  Larentz 27
 Track Feature

Day #18 - An easy-flowing map by Nordplay.

Feature time: 19 December 2020 16:20:23-  xd.Cinimini
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