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 [RPG] B l o o d S w a m p

by   basbaas»LT  |  15
AT   05:35.134 |  Stadium / StadiumCar   |   Expert 
ID  222705 
 13 November 2021 19:07:48
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# Record User Score Date
1st   05:04.819  Morhpeo 15 (100%) 25-11-21
2nd   05:12.094  SkandeaR. 12 (80%) 27-11-21
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 Author Comments
hey ManiaExchange

New RPG map for the Classic RPG Cup.

Very pathfinding heavy map. You should not be able to miss any checkpoints.

Thanks to all testers (l)


p.s there is one big easteregg route 👀
 Embedded objects21 Objects
Object IX? Object author
booster_narrow.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
custom_cp_saw.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
custom_cp_saw_default.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
custom_cp_saw_portal.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
custom_cp_saw_portal2.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
custom_cp_saw_portal3.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
really_large_curve.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
really_small_freewheel.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
really_small_freewheel_long.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
smooth_slope_magnet.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
wide_corner_quarterpipe.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
magnet_smal_curve_extended.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
finish_big_trigger.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
custom_cp_saw_wide.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
custom_cp_saw2.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
custom_cp_saw3.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
custom_cp_saw4.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
half_freewheel.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
loopstart_custom_wide.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
89_Tub_StraightHalfC1_#7.Item.gbx RPG
89_Tub_StraightHalfC5_#7.Item.gbx RPG
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