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by  Zack11  |  57
AT   00:49.780 |  Canyon / CanyonCar   |   Intermediate 
ID  75807 
 22 July 2017 03:30:05
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# Record User Score Date
1st   00:48.838  Larentz 57 (100%) 04-05-21
2nd   00:49.071  Suiram 45.6 (80%) 28-12-14
3rd   00:49.671  CocoTM 37.05 (65%) 31-10-15
4th   00:49.956  airneko83 31.35 (55%) 29-05-15
5th   00:50.334  Jeanpeche 26.22 (46%) 01-06-15
6th   00:50.815  s i c 22.8 (40%) 14-12-14
7th   00:50.983  Falkers 19.95 (35%) 04-02-15
8th   00:51.051  bwbigmac 17.1 (30%) 04-11-15
9th   00:51.795  Scape 14.82 (26%) 07-12-14
10th   00:51.943  s'habba.hu 12.54 (22%) 10-12-14
11th   00:54.433  400r_ 10.83 (19%) 05-09-15
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 Author Comments
I'm proud to present my new map, Architecture, for the AuthorMania event :d Receiving an invitation to this event was an honor, and I'm glad that I was able to participate :)

I would like to thank everyone who has even commented, awarded, or played any of my maps before :) This community has supported me every step along the way, through positive comments and constructive criticism :) Honestly, without all of you, there is no way that I could have gotten this far :) Because of this, I would like to dedicate this map to you! If you've ever commented, awarded, or played any of my map: This one is for you (y)

Big Screenshot!

AuthorMania Map List
++++++++++Special Thanks++++++++++
Falkers: For being the one who inspired me to make maps like this :d
MirExpress: For testing my map, and always supporting me (y)
ARK: Organizing this event ;)
Elvestad: Making this (and many other) screenshot for me! :cool:
Ozon: Computing shadows on this map ;)
Eyebo: A good friend, who taught me almost everything I know about MediaTracker :d
Xcaliber: Another good friend who has always supported me :)
Everyone who has awarded my maps, because it really does mean a lot to me (y)

Music :done:
GPS :done:
Intro :done:
Ingame :done:
Endgame :done:
Respawnable :done:
Screenshot (Elvestad) :done:

Good Luck and Have Fun,

P.S. Please like my Facebook Page because I will post all my upcoming projects there :d
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Rated 4.14 stars by 14 players.
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