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 StarTrack² returns.. to TMOne - Alpine!
by  ArkesTM at 15 May, 2021  

Be the star of a brand new mapping project! ManiaExchange & Unbitn are launching the creation of a new solo campaign for TMOne Alpine. That's right! StarTrack² is coming to TMOne Alpine! Join us in creating this new Race campaign! To join, message   ArkesTM on discord.
We hope to see you soon!

Today, 370 days since the start of the project, the Star campaign returns to Trackmania² !

Indulge yourself in this wonderful trailer made by   ThaumicTom and   Fiah

Download any or all of the 4 new titlepacks in the ManiaPlanet store!
This 4-part collection of a 260 tracks worth campaign was built steadily across 370 days of building, testing and refining among 42 mappers from our one and only MX community. Project lead:   ArkesTM

StarTrack² is sure to surprise you with it's delightful scenery and adrenaline filled gameplay! Go on, get it now!
We hope you enjoy our hard work, and wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a happy new decade.

On your editors! Set! GO!
We need your help in creating the unofficial successor to the Startrack project from TMUF: A community-made campaign.

Read more about the project here. To keep yourself up-to-date we strongly recommend joining our Discord.

Any more questions? Shoot me a PM:   ArkesTM
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