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PSA - Attention Mappers - Please don't use Ultra lightmaps for now! posted by   eyebo«way¬ at 06 Feb, 2019
Some of you have enabled the option to compute Ultra lightmaps for your maps. There's currently a bug that causes some undesirable graphics issues with maps that were computed using Ultra. After computing on Ultra the map will look good to the author, but will have graphics issues for others that play the map, since the lightmap that is embedded in the map file is compressed and not the full Ultra quality.

Therefore, we recommend that you use lightmap quality no higher than "High" until the bug is fixed.

If you've computed on Ultra, and want to see your map as others see it, just clear your cache from your launcher settings, and then open the map normally in-game via Local Play.
Monthly Track Contest - February 2019 posted by   eyebo«way¬ at 01 Feb, 2019

The MTC February 2019 is now open!
Theme: Transition Triage
Build a track that features transitions between every combination of 5 specified block groups, both ways.

MX UCA 2018 - Results! posted by   eyebo«way¬ at 15 Jan, 2019

The results are out for the Mania Exchange User Choice Awards 2018! Thanks to PangoLynne for organizing this year's awards, and thanks to everyone who voted!

Check the results here.
MX UCA 2018 posted by   eyebo«way¬ at 01 Jan, 2019

The second edition of the MX UCA has launched. This is an opportunity to look back at all of the great noteworthy people and creations over the past year. Jump over to the topic for full info and cast your votes! Deadline: January 14, 2019.
15th TM Anniversary Community Events posted by   eyebo«way¬ at 21 Nov, 2018
Just a few of the events you can participate in this week/weekend!
Check the forum post for the schedule.
Logging into Mania Exchange posted by   eyebo«way¬ at 19 Nov, 2018
UPDATE: The login system should be working fine again! Thanks for your patience!

We're currently experiencing some issues with the login system (most likely due to some changes on Nadeo's side). We're aware of the issue and will keep you updated when a fix is deployed.
15th anniversary items for all environments posted by   eyebo«way¬ at 18 Nov, 2018
xrayjay has created some 15th anniversary items you can embed in your next track. Have a look!
ManiaPlanet 4.1 posted by   eyebo«way¬ at 16 Nov, 2018
Nadeo has released the ManiaPlanet 4.1 update!
Everything you need to know is in the ManiaPlanet forum, including a changelog.

Here's a list of my personal favorites from this update.

Want to know how to use TMU cars in TM2? Check this post.
MX Knockouts - Changes! posted by   eyebo«way¬ at 24 Jul, 2018
New schedule for MX Knockouts starting August 1, 2018
The rotation will start again at the beginning of each month

Saturday KOs at 11:30 CEST and 21:30 CEST (two KOs at each timeslot)
1st Sat: MultiEnv (Rounds, then TA)
2nd Sat: TMOne (Rounds only) (currently only Speed)
3rd Sat: MultiEnv (Rounds, then TA)
4th Sat: Stadium (Rounds, then TA)
5th Sat (when there is one): Canyon (Rounds, then TA)

New! Tuesday KOs at 21:30 CEST (one KO per timeslot) following any SmurfsCup Valley
Twice a month: Valley (Rounds only)

You can also read the full rules for the MX Knockouts, or check ManiaCalendar to see the dates of upcoming KOs. Please note: Tuesday Valley KO dates will only be added to the calendar after the dates for SmurfsCup Valley are known.

We're always accepting new maps. More info here.
Downtime posted by   eyebo«way¬ at 22 Jul, 2018
Sorry for the downtime this morning. We're aware of the issue and taking a look at it.
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