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 Trackmania Turbo announced at E3
by  eyebo at 16 Jun, 2015  

Trackmania Turbo was announced today during Ubisoft's E3 Press Conference.

You can also check out the trailer.

It'll be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.
Release date: November 27, 2015

4 environments: Lagoon Rollercoaster, International Stadium, Canyon Drift, and Dirty Valley.

I'm sure you have many questions. "Hello Planet #5" blog post will be posted soon by Hylis. We'll link it here when it's available. It should answer many of our questions. Update: Here it is!

In the meantime, feel free to discuss here.

Currently the MTC April 2014 is finishing up. Today (April 27) is the deadline for submissions. We still need judges! Send a message to the moderators if you're interested in helping out!

Results for the MTC March 2014 are out!
Theme: Flatland
Goal: You have to build a track as close to the ground as possible
:gold: "mtc | PANIC FAST by   Snake55wildcat
:silver: "Ambiguous (MTC) by   PapyChampy
:bronze: "[mtc] Another Home by   FT»Tobbe

Results for the MTC December 2013 are out!
Theme: Mazes
Goal: Build a maze-like track.
:gold: " [MTC] 32 Ways by   Applepie
:silver: "[MTC] Mission isPossible by   BotaniciTraffici
:bronze: "[MTC] Potterwatch by   erikfzr

Results for the MTC September 2013 are out!
Theme: Secrets
Goal: Build a track in which the player is prompted to discover something secret.
:gold: "MTC - S O M E W A Y by   Falkers
:silver: "RefleX (MTC) by   Zack11
:bronze: "[MTC] Cutted! by   Marius 89

Exactly 10 years ago today TMX was born!

Even though TMX existed shortly before that, we view March 27, 2004 as the day it was born because it's when tracks began to be shared. Track sharing is the lifeblood of TMX.

Here we are, nearly 860,000 tracks later.
That's an average of about 236 tracks uploaded every day for the past 10 years.

The stories that could be told are more numerous than the number of tracks shared.

Many have literally grown up with TMX. Others have just grown a little older. We've all gained a few friends, some for life. We've all made lasting memories, building our dream tracks, discovering amazing creations by others, and sharing everything.

We wouldn't still be here if it wasn't for you!

Now a new generation is using ManiaExchange, the successor to TMX, but similar in so many ways. And to many of us, it's simply a continuation of this adventure.

Thanks to all of you! You're the best community ever!

Join us in the forum for the party! :cool:
Soon ManiaHome will no longer be visible when you enter a title.

You'll still have access to ManiaHome via the "Home" button at top left in ManiaPlanet.

In addition:

"magnetik" says:
Some automatic messages (buddy add, bookmark add, favorite server add) have been disabled. They may come back in some other form that respect more the privacy of you and your buddies.

tm-exchange.com, which is the site for the old TM games (Original, Sunrise, Nations, Nations Forever, and United Forever) had been inaccessible for the past few days due to some domain issues.

In the meantime we had set up TMX Nations Forever and TMX United at temporary addresses, so people could continue to use those sites.

But we're happy to inform you that all of tm-exchange.com is live again at it's original address!

The temporary links will continue to work for the next few days. Here they are for quick reference.
TMX United temporary address
TMX Nations Forever temporary address

There was also an issue with new users being able to create new accounts on Mania Exchange. But that should be resolved now that TMX and it's mail server is accessible again.
Just a heads up... TMX is experiencing some downtime, and we're aware of it. You can still access TMX United at this temporary URL and TMX Nations Forever at this temporary URL.

We hope to have the sites online again at their normal URLs as soon as possible.
Thanks for your patience.

The downtime is not currently affecting ManiaExchange... obviously, because you're reading this. =p

Update: Apparently this outage is effecting new registrations on MX. So if you are a new user trying to create an account here, you may not be able to for now.
There's a really fascinating article about how video games, specifically TrackMania, are being used to help people with missing limbs who experience Phantom Pain. Worth reading, and watching the accompanying video.

Discuss here.

Kudos to w1lla for finding and sharing it on ManiaPlanet Forum.
28th July, 2012 - 09:30 GMT Results
Due to technical difficulties this KO was not played. It should be fine next week. ;)

28th July, 2012 - 20:00 GMT Results
We started with 17 players. We played on KO1 maps in Rounds.

:gold: Keirabxtch
:silver: Poco (n!faculty)
:bronze: Mephisto (NOS)

It's out!!! You can go read the challenge to win a free pack of ShootMania and get your replay made into an official video. Sirc has won the prize for being the first to complete E03 with no respawns. Congratulations to him! (y)

Here's how to get Platform:

1. Update ManiaPlanet (by opening it)
2. Update Canyon (by opening the title)
3. Restart ManiaPlanet
4. Click an empty Station to load the Platform Title into it.
5. Go play! (y)

If you missed it, here's the Platform Trailer.

And the discussion topic here on MX. We've added some additional information if you're having any trouble installing the title pack. And there's also a description of how multiplayer works for Platform mode.

We look forward to seeing your Platform tracks too! :d

Nadeo has released a new trailer for the upcoming Platform Pack for Canyon.

Check it out here!

And Discuss!
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