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 New public skins!
by   eyebo.wp at 11 Aug, 2020  

  DMW»UD has made some awesome TM2 skins for ManiaExchange. If you've ever wanted to represent your favorite mapping site while playing TM2 Canyon, Valley, Stadium, or Lagoon, grab this pack of skins. Locators are included.

Check the forum post for the download link.
By the community, for the community
A new Trackmania trailer has just dropped! The game launches today at 17:00 CEST!

This weekend we will temporarily shut down our servers to move all of our resources to a new server. That's right!

- More performance & storage!
- MX - now hosted on SSDs!
- Discord embeds working again!

Work will start at midnight (CEST) from Friday (April 24) to Saturday (April 25)
A beautiful message posted to Nations TMX back in late March. We echo the sentiments here on Mania Exchange.
Rose Tattoo says:
Hello all TMN and TMX-Fans!

We wish you all, around the world, much strength and confidence for these difficult times. Friendship and solidarity play a very important role in such times.
Stay healthy all of you and we wish you all the best!

TMX Crew

A new release date was announced today! The new Trackmania will arrive on July 1st!

Read the press release from Ubisoft Nadeo. And watch the new trailer.

The ManiaExchange community has completed another collaborative map. Give it a try!

A number of new blocks were added to Stadium this month, including some hidden ones added for ZrtCup. You may have noticed some maps here on ManiaExchange already using the hidden blocks.

You can access the blocks yourself by either of these two methods:
- Use this OpenPlanet script which unlocks all the blocks. It also unlocks the new linked checkpoints feature.
- Use these macroblocks that   ThaumicTom was kind enough to make for us. Check the readme.txt in the zip for install instructions.

Please note: We have no guarantees the hidden blocks will stay in the game. The folder structure in Stadium has been reorganized to better accommodate the new blocks, so we assume they'll stay. But maps could break in the future. Use at your own risk.

UPDATE 2019-07-03: The blocks have been added to the game for everyone now.
Some of you have enabled the option to compute Ultra lightmaps for your maps. There's currently a bug that causes some undesirable graphics issues with maps that were computed using Ultra. After computing on Ultra the map will look good to the author, but will have graphics issues for others that play the map, since the lightmap that is embedded in the map file is compressed and not the full Ultra quality.

Therefore, we recommend that you use lightmap quality no higher than "High" until the bug is fixed.

If you've computed on Ultra, and want to see your map as others see it, just clear your cache from your launcher settings, and then open the map normally in-game via Local Play.

The MTC February 2019 is now open!
Theme: Transition Triage
Build a track that features transitions between every combination of 5 specified block groups, both ways.

The results are out for the ManiaExchange User Choice Awards 2018! Thanks to PangoLynne for organizing this year's awards, and thanks to everyone who voted!

Check the results here.
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