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 A new month, a new MTC...
by   eyebo.wp at 01 Dec, 2017  

Builders! Start your editors! The MTC for December 2017/January 2018 has begun.

Theme: Endurance

Attention Canyon players! Most of you probably remember the Fun Racers servers. Some of the best Rounds servers in Canyon, with a great selection of creative maps. They went offline 6 months ago when the ManiaPlanet 4 update was pushed.

But they're back, and celebrating 10 years!

Their main server will be back online Friday November 17, 2017 at 18:30 CET

More info in their blog post.

Short notice (at least here on front page), but another 90MC will start shortly...
fredair.esu says:

We're back again! The next 90MC will take place on Tuesday November 7th at 20.00 CET. We hope to see you there and will do another announcement a few days before it takes place

About the 90MC

Watch the 90MC forum for the new edition starting shortly!
The MX Knockout this weekend will be EnvMix!
It will be the first Multi-environment Knockout to be held since the release of ManiaPlanet 4 back in May.

You will need:
- to own all 4 TM2 environments
- to download MrSloppis MultiEnv TitlePack

Don't worry if you don't own all TM2 environments. Next week we will return to single environment KOs.

Click here for more info about the Knockouts.
(brb) MTC November 2017 is open!

Theme: Who needs blocks anyway? =p
Public voting for MTC October 2017 has begun!

The October ManiaExchange MTC is now live!

Theme: Puzzle! - You need to build a Puzzle map with the Puzzle script provided by TGYoshi.

Find more information here: MTC October 2017: Puzzle!
Find the submission thread here: MTC October 2017: Submission Thread

Good luck, and enjoy! :done:
You've been asking us on MX for months (years?) for it, and now it's possible. Nadeo has kindly helped us out by implemented a way for it to work. What's that?

Well, now you can drive a track built in a base title (e.g. Stadium) in another titlepack such as ESL/Comp or RPG... in single player or online, and your replay will be saved with the title information where the track was built, not where you've driven it.

Again, this means you can upload new replays on MX that were driven in user made titlepacks, even if the map wasn't built in that title. Thanks Nadeo! (y)

:done: Now start uploading those replays! (l)

Edit: Just a little note, in case it's not clear. The replay must have been driven and saved since the August 31, 2017 update.

The August ManiaExchange MTC is now live!

Theme: Two Tiles Wide - The area on which the track is built may be only two tiles wide (but as many tiles long and high as you wish).

Find more information here: MTC August 2017: Two Tiles Wide
Find the submission thread here: MTC August 2017: Submission Thread

Good luck, and enjoy! :done:

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Project GPU* team over the past two months, we've completed ManiaExchange's full transition to ManiaPlanet 4!

115,484 maps are now ManiaPlanet 4 compatible on MX. That's 99.72% of all public maps on the site.

:done: Canyon is done! 45,487 MP4 maps. (99.68%)
:done: Storm is done! 15,304 MP4 maps. (99.58%)
:done: Stadium is done! 45,008 MP4 maps (99.88%)
:done: Valley is done! 8,909 MP4 maps. (99.38%)

You can read more about why all this effort was needed.

*Project GPU is a collaboration between the MX Crew, and a group of server owners and community leaders.

Thanks to   Linkin|Alex for organizing the project!
edit from Alex: A big thanks to eyebo for co-coordinating the whole project and handling all of the actual uploads back to MX after the conversions!

A big thanks to all those who helped us reach this point:
Map upgraders: Alex, bueddl, BushMonkey, eyebo, chuckie, Haagse, Rasque, Solux, Chris92, Ascent Smoke, Vulnerra, Osaka, Fiendy, killervirus, Schpaik, Paragon Luké, and all of you out there who upgraded your own maps!
Development Support: TGYoshi, TheM, Solux, xrayjay, adsun, skyslide and the Nadeo dev team.
Contributed TitlePacks: Dommy, Wohoohi, Elvestad, smorgasgurka, adsun, Paragon Luké, Okami, and others.
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