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News Archive
MX Update-Mania September 2018 posted by   Ozon at 11 Sep, 2018

A new update has been released! This is (hopefully) the last update before our bigger one, which will not release before December. Features:
  • New notifications for when a user favourited you.
  • New notifications when someone replies to your comment.
  • Improved Track Showcase design and functionality (now shows youtube showcases as well)
We hope that you like the update! Let us know on Discord or in a PM to   Ozon what you think of it.
MX Update-Mania August 2018 posted by   Ozon at 26 Aug, 2018

A new small MX Update has been released! This time, we improved the ❤ Favourite feature.
  • Have a look at which authors you ❤.
  • You can now also see, who is ❤-ing you.
We hope that you like the update! Let us know on Discord or in a PM to   Ozon what you think of it.
MX May 2018 Update! - One Click Awards, Reply Feature, GDPR... posted by   Ozon at 26 May, 2018

A new MX Update has been released! Most important changes:
  • New One Click Awarding.
  • You can now reply to comments on track pages.
  • GDPR Compliance: Ability to delete your account.
...and more! For all changes, info and discussion, visit the update thread.
TM-Tube Archive - Release posted by   Ozon at 23 Apr, 2018

TM-Tube is back. In co-operation with Admin x2x, a ManiaExchange delegation has developed an archive including all published media on TM-Tube. Next to some new features and technicalities, you're now able again to take a trip down memory lane and experience the beginnings of the communities' creative landscape.

You can discuss the release here.
Upcoming MX updates posted by   Ozon at 22 Oct, 2017
Hello MX-Community,

In the coming weeks and months we're going to be working on some design and system changes on ManiaExchange.
The design of MX is based on the design of TMX, which itself is about 13 years old. This is ancient in the world of web design.
We want to transition from being heavily focused on tables and long lists of information towards a design that gives you more relevant information,
so you can find the tracks you want to play in a pleasant interface.

As the first of many steps, we've removed the right column on the front page which contained the leaderboards, blog post listings and mx youtube links.
You can still find all those things elsewhere:
- Leaderboards (also on the menu)
- Blogs (also from Users->User Blogs on the menu)
- ManiaExchange Youtube (also in the welcome post)

Since we'll be pushing updates one by one, you can follow the changes and bugfixes in this thread.

Thank you for your patience during this transitional period.

ManiaExchange Crew
May Monthly Track Contest: Choose your own Route! posted by   Ozon at 30 Apr, 2017

A new month, a new MTC. This time, the two guest hosts Lars and Ozon require you to build a map with more than one way to the finish. A relatively broad theme that can result in many different forms of maps!

Additional to the showcase win, the TOP5 will be showcased in an exclusive recap video.

All info about the contest is to be found here.
Want to submit a map already? Go here.
Sharing is Caring - a program for dedicated MX'ers! posted by   Ozon at 05 Mar, 2017

You feel like your map doesn't get enough exposure? You want to boost your maps' success and at the same time help others, too?

Sharing is Caring is a new way to promote your track in exchange for a little effort. The concept works as follows:

1. You produce a video based on guidelines.
2. You present one of your own maps in this video.
3. You additionally share 2-4 other maps in the same video. Put in your favorite recent maps or support your friends!

To give you an example of how it looks like, I've done the first video.
Interested? Find out more in the Forum thread.
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