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PlayPal Online
Welcome to PlayPal Online for TrackMania 2!

How does PlayPal Online work?
  • Ensure your Mania Exchange account has been linked with your ManiaPlanet account.
  • Start by selecting some of your tracks uploaded to MX. Alternatively, join the PlayPal Online server (link below) and 5 of your [higest rated] tracks will be added automatically.
  • Play on the server to increase your karma rating.
  • When you have enough karma, one of your tracks will appear in the top 20 list (see below). Once it reaches the first place, that will be the next track that is played on the server.
  • You will lose karma to other players when they play your track. So be sure to regularly play!
  • The server will only play tracks added to PlayPal Online.
  • Karma is shared across PlayPal Online servers.
TM2 Unlimiter Tracks
Tracks built using TM2 Unlimiter that use custom blocks or exceed the construction limits are strictly forbidden. Refrain from adding these as they will cause the server to crash, causing an inconvenience to users who wish to play and the MX team.

PlayPal Online Forum
Click here to visit the PlayPal Online forum.
PlayPal Online Servers
Environment Players Spectators Connected players Current map Join
Combined 0 0 (Server is offline or not responding)  Join!
Canyon 0 0 (Server is offline or not responding)  Join!
Stadium 0 0 (Server is offline or not responding)  Join!
Valley 0 0 (Server is offline or not responding)  Join!
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