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Screenshot Competitions - please read
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Screenshot Competitions - please read 17 August 2011 09:00:06  
To keep a good overview on the many topics about screenshot competitions that are being created these days, we try to keep a good balance of overview and information into the topic titles. Whenever you start a new topic for one of your tracks, write your topic title like this:

[SC] Trackname | Win: xxxxc | DL:

[SC] - A shortened tag for ScreenshotCompetition
Win - Write the best prize one can win. If someone can win 2 prizes, just write the best one.
DL - shortened for DeadLine

Please stay close to this, of course you can use a different time format for example.

If you start a compo, write it like this::
[SC] End of Time | Win: 2000c | DL: 03.07.2010

and once the compo is over...
[SC] End of Time | Win: 2000c | CLOSED
  • When deadline is reached, please mention 'ENDED' or 'CLOSED' in the topic title
  • You can also specify a specific time, butmakesure that you have access to a computer, so you can announce the end of the compo.
  • Promised showcases by users are not frontpage-showcases, but tracklinks in the trackpage, so don't get tricked.

Also, don't force people to give their top-3. If they want to give one, they will do. When they don't make one, please respect it. And be patient! Don't bump your own topic three times a day, we will remove double-posts and eventually delete the topic then.

Last thing, when you made your results, keep them like they are. (y)
Last edited by Forzyy, 02 September 2011 11:02:10
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