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Location: Home  Community Forums  Competitions  BMX44 Tech-CUP [44Maps/44Days/44K Planets][19th Oct-2nd Dec] 
BMX44 Tech-CUP [44Maps/44Days/44K Planets][19th Oct-2nd Dec]
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BMX44 Tech-CUP [44Maps/44Days/44K Planets][19th Oct-2nd Dec] 20 October 2012 18:21:40  

Hello everybody,

there can be never enough contests,
thats why we decided to start another one :)

We present the
BMX44 Tech-Cup! 19th Oct. - 2nd Dec. 2012
It is very tech orientated, but not as u know it from ESL or TWL.

We go strange to use Blockmix to make it as hard as possible.
There are also many FS and Brake parts.

Me & lolzor are the founders and we host the server on our 24/7 root.
All maps at this contest are built by us and we also pay the winners.

We start with 10 Maps and will add more later untill one - two weeks before end.

Prizes for Server Ranks:
... says:
    SR1: 10000
    SR2: 8000
    SR3: 6000
    SR4: 3000
    SR5: 2500
    SR6: 1700
    SR7: 1300
    SR8: 1000
    SR9: 800
    SR10: 700
    SR 11-22: Ã 500 (6k)
    SR 23-44: Ã 250 (3k)

we give out Planets
- for 44 ServerRanks (44.000 Planets)
- for Top3 each map [40/20/10] ( as long there are enough Planets and Players[6] on the Server)
- there is also betting enabled :)

+ 2 ShootMania Beta 30-Day-Trial-Keys
(all Players who have minimum 22 records take part on the lottery for the key)

Donations of Planets or Keys to rise the Prizes are welcome.

watch out for update,
speedracer & lolzor
our manialinks: lolracing / speedracer / lolzone / eplcms

*all rights not reserved & not copyrighted
**we reserve any subject to change
***Planets amout confirmed! Can´t rise by Donations becouse of Economical System!
Just talk to us If u are interested to support us or to rise the payouts :)

... says:
where is the server?
the server is located in Germany/Lower Saxony/Hannover
whats the server login?
the server login is techcontest_planetscup
whats the server name?
the server name is BMX44 Tech-Cup
do i need to register?
no, your records are saved with your login in the xaseco2 database


are you guys in clans?
yes, our clan is called LoLZone. it´s a crazy map builders Clan!




... says:
One Shootmania key by Sirc
Last edited by SpeedRacer, 20 October 2012 18:33:21
Learner Driver
Location: DE
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