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MTC Theme suggestions
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01 August 2017 03:54:31  
Beatinfected says:
1. Drag Race

2. Bobsleigh

I like both these ideas! If we wanted to add an extra twist to the bobsleigh track, we could set a maximum speed to force a "slow-motion" race. IOW, design the track so that nothing gets the car moving significantly faster than a set speed limit--no long steep downhills, etc.

Another idea would be a sustained high-speed track where, after the start and initial acceleration, the car never slows below a specific high speed...250? 300?
Moped Racer
Location: US
25 November 2017 12:04:38  
something with water
( x ~~~ x` *)
Location: DE
25 November 2017 21:22:39  
fredair.esu says:
something with water

That could be fun. One idea: Use of blockmixing to force a significant chunk of the track to have the driving surface at least slightly underwater? Another idea: Enter/exit water at least X times during a lap?
Moped Racer
Location: US
26 November 2017 20:22:04  
pjw says:
Use of blockmixing to force a significant chunk of the track to have the driving surface at least slightly underwater?

I like the idea xD "[Chase] Sea Level"
Last edited by Beatinfected, 26 November 2017 20:22:58
G-kart Racer
Location: DE
01 December 2017 07:06:54  
Thanks everyone who has submitted MTC theme ideas here. :)

The December/January MTC theme will be a simple one. But as we move into 2018, we'll take a close look at all the great suggestions here and try to use as many as we can. (y)
Location: US
13 January 2018 19:23:07  
Another idea: Make the slowest track. Each entry must be made from a small number of blocks (maybe go with 20?). This includes the start, finish, and any CPs. All tracks are in the air--no off-road/natural terrain is allowed.

Every competitor can submit a replay on any track, trying to drive it faster than the others and thus knock it out of the running.

At judging time, the track with the slowest record is the winner.
Last edited by pjw, 13 January 2018 19:23:57
Moped Racer
Location: US
25 January 2018 04:22:23  
"Make the slowest track. [...]the track with the slowest record is the winner.":d
This sounds like a lot of fun!
G-kart Racer
Location: DE
07 February 2018 11:54:52  
I have an idea.

Make a 2 lap track.
The order of checkpoints on the 2nd lap has to be the reverse order of lap one.
Start -> Cp1 -> Cp2 -> Cp3 -> Finish -> Cp3 -> Cp2 -> Cp1 -> Finish

Minimum of 3-4 Cps, no custom cps etc.
Quad Bike Racer
Location: FI
06 March 2018 03:07:21  
Here's a lame idea that I'm sharing just because of the name I thought up for it.

Lets have an mtc where we only build scenery and we make a custom camera that displays it all in the intro and/or at the beginning of the track. No actual track or driving or anything, and we will call this mtc "Looks Are Everything" :d
Location: US
29 March 2018 19:39:38  
Not sure if it has been suggested before, but I was thinking of a sallom course. In that the track has to go downhill, might have to be freewheeling from when you start going down all the way to the bottom... And the turns need to alternate left and right.
Learner Driver
Location: GB
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