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Location: Home  Community Forums  Community Projects  75 Builders Project - Collecting Parts: Round 2 
75 Builders Project - Collecting Parts: Round 2
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12 May 2017 22:19:11  
I never heard about this project before so I'd be happy to build something :)
G-kart Racer
Location: FR
23 May 2017 22:59:40  
Oh hey guys, welcome to the famed Page 75. An unfortunate irony that we're thinking of scrapping and restarting the project now.

I'd join another one as a builder. Management difficulties or no, I still consider these District maps to be some of the greatest achievements of the MX community. (Along with BASCO and the StarTracks. Those were the days.)

One option that might reduce management would be something akin to the BASCO or the old MegaCommunity project and other community projects. That is, everyone signs up for a seat and then we run through the list chronologically.

Of course, this instead has the issue of being vulnerable to late deliveries. Maybe give each person a 1 week deadline for construction, otherwise the author is skipped in the trackbuilding. Then either the author is moved to the bottom, or a new place opens up down there.

To limit difficulty spikes (like what killed the Megacommunity project) a weekly "feedback checkpoint date" could be added where the current track would be tested and feedback could be given for the current author to adapt the track before sending it on to the next in line. The parts would likely not be as insane then, however.
Last edited by broadsword, 23 May 2017 23:01:41
Moped Racer
Location: SE
21 July 2017 14:37:11  
I made a short MT video of the current track including the missing files that eyebo found. It has 35 parts total. Only the first 23 parts are linked. The rest is placed on the right coordinations.

For backup sake here is a link to the track with 35 parts: link
Last edited by GR., 21 July 2017 16:21:55
Quad Bike Racer
Location: NL
22 July 2017 02:20:05  
this is actually still going on? i should have my finished oart in my files still but i couldnt find myself int he authorlist anymore

oh yeah i found myself im number 4 :d
Last edited by FT»Lodec, 22 July 2017 02:21:30
Beetle Racer
Location: DE
22 July 2017 10:57:32  
FT»Lodec says:
this is actually still going on?

No, the project is dead until cxom gives us the remaining parts. This video is just a glimpse of what the track could have been.
Quad Bike Racer
Location: NL
25 August 2018 14:30:28  
I still have my part and can send it to whoever wants to put the map together.

I just want to know, if there is still a chance that this project will be finished in the future. Otherwise I could build a separate map out of my part and release it by myself.
Moped Racer
Location: DE
26 August 2018 06:29:38  
Cxom is the only one who has all the parts. And he hasn't been around for several years. It's doubtful the project will ever be finished. Plus, with all the new blocks in Valley, we'd be better off starting a new project I guess.

I'd say, go ahead and build a solo track with your part if you want to. It'd be cool to see it. :)
Last edited by eyebo.wp, 26 August 2018 06:30:18
Site Leader
Location: US
Page: 75 of 75 Post Reply
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