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[OLD] KO -Track building (2)
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09 August 2014 10:21:39  
erikfzr says:
mazer says:
Is there a minimum? :$

I made them <25s :|

Its probably fine, but if you update them and inform mikey (PM him the links) then I expect that will be okay, he can then update the on-server versions.

It might be that the mapgroup wont allow updating the file, in which case its more complicated, but we can find a solution.

A handful of slightly shorter maps is unlikely to hurt the pool overall.
Last edited by MrA, 09 August 2014 10:22:47
Surely Retired
Location: GB
21 August 2014 03:16:36  
New Track groups open for submission !

KO5 - EnviroMix - Track length 45-50 seconds
KO6 - Laps - Lap length 55-60 seconds (should be easy style of racing)

Beetle Racer
21 August 2014 10:31:21  
heeey, two very cool pool ideas! yehaa:cool:
gado is a
Location: DE
22 August 2014 01:59:41  
Mikey says:
An unofficial rule is no Block mixing.

um.. oh, didn't even know that. many of my maps have a bit blockmix in it 8-| Why isn't it allowed though? It should be allowed if it's kept to a minimum and doesn't interrupt anything. It shouldn't be only that they are occasionally accepted because it's a part of the game now! I don't think bm pool is a good idea, envmix makes much more sense to me (y)
Moped Racer
Location: DE
22 August 2014 10:51:10  
Mikey says:
An unofficial rule is no Block mixing.
Maps may occasionally be accepted with block mixing, but only when it is done as an essential minimum or is absolutely totally implemented in a bug free way. But mostly will be rejected, especially when it hinders normal fun flowing racing or in a style that is not suitbale for KO use.
However in the future we may open a pool especially for block mixing.

(y) Fine for me!
MX Supporter
Location: IT
KO track on public server 24 August 2014 16:42:34  
Just wanna tell you falchis map 'Event Horizon' (KO3) is also on a RoC server
G-kart Racer
Location: DE
31 August 2014 08:42:23  
Mikey says:
An unofficial rule is no Block mixing.

Oh s#!t ... Well I hope my map with a bit of block-mix can be played :3
KO5 - Time to Mix !
Abd for the 1st Time, a stadium car in valley for the KO.
Learner Driver
Location: FR
15 September 2014 22:52:06  
I've submitted two maps;)
gado is a
Location: DE
09 October 2014 23:15:37  
Can you be more precise with the KO6 laps theme? How many laps are gonna be driven in the KO? With how many laps should I validate the map?
Quad Bike Racer
Location: DE
12 October 2014 03:33:31  
I think there's no specific lap amount until the end, but I used the default lap amount of 3, so it's two laps with a run on start possible and you get a feel of how the map works over time :)
Last edited by gado, 12 October 2014 03:36:57
Moped Racer
Location: DE
Page: 6 of 7 Locked
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