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ESL - Competition Premiership 13 [soon™]
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ESL - Competition Premiership 13 [soon™] 29 March 2014 18:38:06  

We need your maps!
With CPS13 coming up later this Spring, we naturally need new maps to play this premiership on! That's why we're again asking for help from the community to send us maps, which we can use in CPS13. In this newspost you find more information about what sort of maps we're looking for, where to send them and what the deadline is for sending in the maps.

Map requirements
Make sure the maps you send in comply with the following rules:
  • Name: "ESL-'name'" use what you want for "name"
  • No special signs in the name
  • Length: 50 - 65 seconds
  • Use of ESL Signs
  • Checkpoints backwards are forbidden (only in special cases)
  • Using player/team/builder names in mapname is forbidden
  • The tracks are not uploaded anywhere
  • Blockmixing is allowed, if it does not produce graphical glitches or driving bugs
  • Try to stick to the daylight moods (morning, day)
  • GPS, Intros & Outros are forbidden
  • Use new blocks
  • The scenery is up to you (make sure it doesn't produce lags, lighting problems or graphical bugs!)
  • The tracks were not used in any competition before
  • The tracks are just known by yourself

Send the maps, together with a replay, to the following E-Mail address:

Please use the following style for your mail subject.
"Maps - Competition - *your nickname*", else your E-Mail may be missed.

The deadline for submitting your map is Sunday, April 27th!

Stay informed:
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Last edited by Chris92, 29 March 2014 18:57:07
Learner Driver
Location: DE
29 March 2014 20:26:56  
Gogo guys, send us some epic maps:cool:
Learner Driver
30 March 2014 16:30:39  
I'll send my map with a wallride as long as some tournament accepts it! Khahahaha! :d
Beetle Racer
Location: FI
01 April 2014 04:11:53  
I take it only Stadium maps are allowed?
Learner Driver
Location: AU
01 April 2014 09:38:13  
danodude says:
I take it only Stadium maps are allowed?

Yes, only Stadium maps, as it is a Stadium competition.
Trust me, I'm a professional.
Location: NL
02 April 2014 15:17:21  
Ok thanks. I might make a map;)
Learner Driver
Location: AU
02 April 2014 15:30:28  
It says that we have to use new blocks. Does that mean that I can use them as decoration? Because I already have a map that I made in Nations Forever and I added some new blocks as holes in the ground to work as some kind of obstacle when I got TM2.
Learner Driver
02 April 2014 16:41:14  
in what folder do i put the custom ESL signs .zip file ?
Learner Driver
02 April 2014 18:03:48  
Ragle says:
in what folder do i put the custom ESL signs .zip file ?

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Learner Driver
02 April 2014 23:13:08  
What is the limit of track per builder?
Learner Driver
Location: CA
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