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Location: Home  Community Forums  Competitions  Lets Trial 2 (Two Cups Friday and Saturday 22./23.) 
Lets Trial 2 (Two Cups Friday and Saturday 22./23.)
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Lets Trial 2 (Two Cups Friday and Saturday 22./23.) 21 July 2014 14:47:59  

Lets Trial 2 is the WTC title pack campaign project full of trial maps of all difficulties.
Me (Jarago), Tipii, and Aores are currently working on maps. More info soon.
Meanwhile why not to try first Lets Trial Campaign: Click
Thanks to Lars for making these awesome screenshots and video :)

Short video featuring one of the fastest maps from this project:

Trailer: Coming Soon
Last edited by Jarago, 18 August 2014 09:37:20
Learner Driver
18 August 2014 09:36:56  
There are two competitions for next weekend:
1. A-maps Cup (FINISHED)
Friday 22. August, 8:30 CET on WTC Trial Server (you need to have WTC title pack)
Cup with 10 out of 15 maps to finish. You have 15 minutes to finish a map with best time you can. Better position = more points. Everyone who can finish at least one map wins planets. Players with most points at the end of cup wins more planets and tags. After the cup, the rest of A maps will released on Trial Server. This event will not unlock solo campaign just yet, but will unlock all A-maps of campaign to be playable on Trial Server.
8:30 - A01 (15 mins. + 1 min. podium and loading time)
8:46 - A02
Last map should be finished at 11:00 - 11:30. Possible breaks may happen during cup.

1st - Tag + 3000 Planets
2nd - Tag + 2500 Planets
3rd - Tag + 1500 Planets
4th+ - Planets (better position = more planets)

2. Solo Cup
This cup will start with update of WTC title pack. The goal is to be the first to finish the solo Campaign... To earn gold medal in all maps on campaign except E05... And finish E05. After you finish the E05 map, save and send a replay to this e-mail adress: worldtrialclub @ Three fastest players to finish and send a replay wins planets and Tags! After there is a winner (or if there is no winner until September), all maps of Lets Trial 2 will be added to WTC Trial server and uploaded on MX.

Have fun :)
Last edited by Jarago, 24 August 2014 12:26:32
Learner Driver
18 August 2014 19:12:22  
Sounds like fun, although I'm not to good at trail I'll be there.
The Friday night cup is on the current title pack??
Learner Driver
Location: AU
19 August 2014 18:12:52  
Few Changes with the cups:

- A-maps Cup will only have 10 maps instead of 15... so cup will be a bit shorter
- Second Cup will have THREE winners instead of one
- Second Cup wont start at 6pm, but later, on same day

Both cups will only be playable on WTC title... but the second one will start after the update of that title :)
Learner Driver
24 August 2014 12:25:27  
Second cup is postponed for a reason... Rules stays the same, but the update of WTC title with its campaign will be available the soonest tonight (24.8). Meanwhile you can play A-Maps of campaign on WTC Trial Server :)
Learner Driver
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