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[SC][TM2S]Zachariah Rush |Win 10k planets | Closed
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[SC][TM2S]Zachariah Rush |Win 10k planets | Closed 22 July 2014 00:18:02  
Hi guys.

I would like an awesome screenie for my new track, Zachariah Rush, I like quite heavily edited screens but nothing too abstract.

The name is from this song :-

Zachariah Rush by earthtone9

Have a listen and see if it inspires you:cool:


1st 10k planets
2nd 5k planets
3rd 2k planets

And a showcase or two if you want :)

Here's a Replay


Edit : I'm looking for something hi-tech and futuristic in style, forgot to mention that earlier sorry :$
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Learner Driver
22 July 2014 22:05:08  

G-kart Racer
Location: FR
22 July 2014 22:51:00  
Thanks Sam, it's a great angle and in small it doesn't look too bad but in big it seems a bit messy, I'm guessing you had no inspiration for text? ;)

Overall not bad, but I'm not too keen on it sorry. Same angle but different editing maybe?
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Learner Driver
23 July 2014 19:03:50  
yep didn't found any edit way to make this angle look cool. maybe later
G-kart Racer
Location: FR
23 July 2014 22:57:39  
Cool no problem matey, take your time, I'd rather wait and have something great than anything else.

Having thought about it as well I can see the advantage of supplying angles, sooooo here goes

Angle 1, Angle 2, Angle 3, Angle 4,Angle 5.

Hope there's something useful there.
Learner Driver
26 July 2014 13:43:45  
Gnark says:
in small it doesn't look too bad but in big it seems a bit messy

Well, I hope that you dont use your impression of the big one when deciding if you like this screen or not, because the big one does not matter at all. You want a screen, not a new wp.
I just had to say it.

Sam, the angle and it's editing is impressive. Such an original angle, and intresting editing. Tho with that editing it lacks depth. Maybe too little contrast? Not sure, because the editing is good, just dont fits the angle (?). I would like to see you toy with the lightning, because imo you're rly, rly good with that.
Lagoon yay!
Location: NO
26 July 2014 14:43:34  
Learner Driver
Location: CZ
27 July 2014 19:16:48  
Don't worry Elvestad I never solely judge a screenie on the big alone, in this case the small looked ok, if a little odd to my eyes and I couldn't put my finger on why.

@CrVK That's pretty cool, I like it :)
Learner Driver
29 July 2014 00:45:06  
Okay, here's the results :-

:gold: CvRK
:silver: Samuel

When you send me your logins I'll send the Planets :)

If you want a showcase send a track No. as well

Thanks guys :)
Learner Driver
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