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Tracks for Cup server
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Tracks for Cup server 12 August 2014 13:55:43  


I'm currently hosting a cup server called Fun Beginner Cup. I need some fresh tracks for the server so I thought I would check over here :).

What I need:

:done: Stadium
:done: 20-35sec
:done: Not dirt, you can use it on parts of the track but not dirt only ;).
:done: Easy, suitable for real beginners, you can build an optional faster route but there should always be an easy one too.
:done: Important to use signs so that the route is easy to follow.
:done: Respawnable, you dont want to be forced to retire if you crash hard :).
:done: FUN, its cup, so the track should be fun and action filled, its always fun with an ending where stuff can happen ;)
:done: Some scenery, put some effort into the track/scenery.

Want to contribute? Link your track here or send me a PM and I will check it out :).

Added to server so far:
"Easy Cup 01 by   erikfzr
"Easy Cup 02 by   erikfzr
"Easy Cup 03 by   erikfzr
"Easy Cup 04 by   erikfzr
"Easy Cup 05 by   erikfzr
"[Minitech] Hideout 01 TM2 AX by   Linkin|Alex
"[Minitech] Hideout 02 TM2 AX by   Linkin|Alex
"Easy Cup 06 by   erikfzr
"Fun Beginner #01 by   kimi
"Fun Beginner #02 by   kimi


Last edited by coshank, 19 April 2015 07:35:46
Old Age Caravanner
13 August 2014 10:52:24  
I guess you're talking about Stadium, right? :)
MX Supporter
Location: IT
13 August 2014 19:12:14  
Sorry, yep:)
Old Age Caravanner
18 August 2014 08:39:46  
OK, I'll try to make some (although I'm not really good at Stadium :p)
MX Supporter
Location: IT
28 August 2014 01:23:58  
Do you still need tracks? I've been building a lot recently, I can have two or three tracks ready.
Quad Bike Racer
Location: US
28 August 2014 06:04:05  
Yeah, give me a pm and I'll check them out(y)
Old Age Caravanner
19 April 2015 07:33:38  
Opening up for new tracks! Gogo :)
Old Age Caravanner
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