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DST Cup IV 28 December 2014 16:13:49  

:done: Video DST Cup IV:

"Ovlind" invites you to DST Cup IV (Dirt-Short-Track).
Individual competition "Cup" mod, on Tm ² Stadium. Without registrations.
Qualifications: from Friday, January 2nd to Friday, 9 January, 2015.
Final: Sunday, January 11, 2015.

DST Cup:
From Friday, January 2nd to Friday, 9 January, 2015, from 21:00 until midnight, mod "Cup" non-stop on maps of 25 seconds.
A referee will be present during the cups to validate the results.
List of qualified players, servers, rules etc... available on the website:
Try your luck many times as you want, you have 7 days and several "Cup" by days.
All those who have won a "Cup" and each driver with the dedi n° 1 on each map, will participate in the final at Friday, June 27th.

From Friday, January 2nd to Friday, 9 January, from 21:00 CEST until midnight (or end of the "Cup" in progress).
15 unpublished maps, 22 to 28 seconds.
1 WU per map, win at 100 points.
The number of "Cup", and pilots qualified each day, is not limited.

Only qualified drivers can reach the server with a password.
Sunday, January 11 at 21:00 CEST.
In "no train" 12 unpublished maps 22 to 28 seconds.
2 WU per map, win at 100 points.
Rank solo + ranked teams.

GAINS : 33 000 Planets;)
Gains pilotes:
1er : 5 000 Planets
2nd : 4 000 Planets
3éme: 3 000 Planets
4ème: 1 000 Planets
5ème: 1 000 Planets
6ème: 400 ; 7ème: 400; 8ème: 400; 9ème: 400; 10ème: 400 Planets
200 Planets pour les records locaux n°1 sur l'ensemble de la compétition. 25 maps=5 000 Planets.
Teams gains:
1er : 5 000 Planet ; 2nd : 4 000 Planets ; 3éme : 3 000 Planets.

Team rankings for the final.
If you have no team, you are one of the "no-Team" team (without Tag).
For drivers registered in Team, you must wear your Tag Team and your Username ("Tag-Pseudo").
The first three pilots of each team in the final ranking will be taken into account in the calculation of points.
Earnings will be donated to Team managers in accordance with their results.
For "no-Team", the gains will be divided in equal parts between all the "pilots' no-Team ".
All Teams will be taken into account when calculating the points, even if you are only representing your team.
For any change of team, you must advertise before the final.

Distributions of points:
1st 25pts; 2nd 24pts; 3th 23pts; 4th 22pts; 5th 21pts; ... 22th 4pts; 23th 3pts; 24th 2pts; 25th 1pts; 26th 1pts; 27th 1 pts; ... etc

Last edited by carl-johnson, 02 January 2015 11:31:10
G-kart Racer
Location: FR
02 January 2015 11:32:31  
;) DST Cup IV start tonight...

(y) gl & hf
G-kart Racer
Location: FR
12 January 2015 12:27:37  
:cool: Hi guys,

Here is the stream of final DST Cup IV by TmLive.;)


Tks for watching :)
G-kart Racer
Location: FR
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