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[OLD] Knockout Map building: KO1
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[OLD] Knockout Map building: KO1 02 April 2015 10:57:31  

Hello and to welcome to the new Knockout map upload thread. We have been reviewing the various KO pools and decided that we need to focus on completing existing pools. That means we fill them up with maps and then we close the pool, meaning no further maps are added.

Any map which is part of a Knockout map group, is protected from general download. Replays are allowed, but can not be downloaded. Awards & Comments are allowed. The maps lists are visible to everyone.

So as we are looking at KO1, here is todays stats:
  • KO1 - 40 to 50 seconds Canyon 80/80 :done:
  • KO1 - 40 to 50 seconds Stadium 80/80 :done:
  • KO1 - 40 to 50 seconds Valley 80/80 :done:
    updated May 3

    As you see, we have lots of Canyon, some Valley, and few Stadium. We need to make each environment 80 maps so we can close this pool. Please help us out here by submitting Stadium maps. No Canyon or Valley at all.

    What maps do we need?
  • Stadium maps
  • 40 to 50 seconds author time
  • Generally quite easy and possible to finish in 1 try even if you have never played the map
  • Prefix your map as KO1, then the name
  • No Environment mixes
  • Minimise block mixing, the maps needs to be clear and simple design.
  • No mods; default signs are preferred
  • Please don't add an editing password

    Uploading KO Maps
  • Staying logged in as yourself...
  • Upload your map here: Knockout Upload Page
  • The map appears in the Knockout Uploads List and on your maps list
  • The map is not downloadable by anyone other than the MX moderators

    If your map is approved
  • We move your map to the KO1 Group

    We would really like to get the pool completed and welcome your submissions....

    There is no need to post about your uploads in this thread, but I don't mind if you do as it shows other people that we are actually getting this done and maybe they will submit a map too.

    ...In the event your map is not suitable, check below...

    If your map requires modification
  • We move your map to the Modifications Needed List
  • Please read our comment and update the map
  • Please add a tag "[updated]" before the prefix in the textfield here on mx. After approval you have to remove it again.
  • We will check the map again when it has been updated.

    If your map is rejected
  • If your map is rejected, this means the map is unsuitable
  • We move your map to the Rejects List
  • We will hide your map (in author settings) (you can unhide as you wish)
  • We will leave an explanation in the comments section
  • It means a huge amount of work would be needed for the map to be suitable.
    Last edited by eyebo.wp, 03 November 2017 02:13:33
  • Surely Retired
    Location: GB
    02 April 2015 11:02:14  
    To get the ball rolling....

    3 new ones from me for the pool...
    [Bad Track/Map Link]
    [Bad Track/Map Link]
    "KO1 Marwan by   MrA

    Certainly more to follow ;)
    Last edited by MrA, 02 April 2015 11:03:36
    Surely Retired
    Location: GB
    11 April 2015 20:49:44  
    I will get some Stadium maps going! To confirm, there isn't a particular style to follow (tech, speedtech, dirt, etc.), but mixed style maps? More to keep the tracks easy to navigate, but interesting enough. I'll look through the accepted KO maps we have so far and build some thing similar.:)
    Last edited by Linkin|Alex, 11 April 2015 20:58:44
    Quad Bike Racer
    Location: US
    12 April 2015 00:44:46  
    You can theoretically follow any style you want, but the map needs to be finishable at first attempt. That's probably why trial maps are a bit more difficult to build.
    Oh and they map should not use carmixing (a car from another environment e.g. stadium on Canyon) ;)
    gado is a
    Location: DE
    12 April 2015 03:37:44  
    AlexUSA says:
    I'll look through the accepted KO maps
    You can't download them though. Looking at the tiny thumbnails is everything you can do, unless you join a KO to play some maps too :p
    Moped Racer
    Location: DE
    12 April 2015 04:47:45  
    Here is the latest stats...

    KO1 - 40 to 50 seconds Canyon 80
    KO1 - 40 to 50 seconds Stadium 46
    KO1 - 40 to 50 seconds Valley 65

    So we do really need some Stadium maps and just a few more for valley to make 80 per envir and a balanced KO1.

    go go go (y)
    Last edited by MrA, 12 April 2015 04:49:26
    Surely Retired
    Location: GB
    12 April 2015 10:33:21  
    Is a mixed style track ok?
    And i still dont understand how the tracks will be used and where?
    Can somebody explain that pls?
    Moped Racer
    Location: DE
    12 April 2015 10:41:26  
    You've never heard of the KO before? :o

    ... says:
    Play Rules
    The rules are simple in concept. Races are played in either Time Attack mode or Rounds mode with one warmup and one single round (ie points limit of 10). At the end of each race any non finishers (DNF) are eliminated and forced to spectate, if there are no DNF then the last placed position is eliminated (KO) and forced to spec.
    You must be on the server before the KO begins, late joiners can not play.

    You can find more information here:
    It is played twice every saturday ;)

    EDIT: As I stated above, mixed styles are totally fine, as long as the track is finishable at first attempt.

    I added a link in the first sentence of the first topic for everyone to click, if they haven't heard about the KO yet.
    Last edited by haenry, 12 April 2015 10:47:00
    gado is a
    Location: DE
    12 April 2015 12:42:19  
    I think it's important that the maps are easy enough to get through without any major mistakes. There's a big difference between having to slow down several times and lose around 2-3 seconds or having one big fail (like a fullstop) and losing 5+ seconds.

    I also think fullspeed maps tend to be boring/ not well suitable for the KO. At high speed a tiny mistake easily becomes a big time loss and it's pretty much impossible to recover unless the opponent also makes a mistake.

    That's why I build at least one spot that is hard to master but still forgiving (like a part where you need to slow down a bit). KO Tracks should be forgiving =p
    Last edited by gado, 12 April 2015 22:47:49
    Moped Racer
    Location: DE
    12 April 2015 13:08:42  
    hmm lets try to make a valley map :)
    I'm done with my main route for a valley Tech KO map

    does it need an intro?
    no gps I know, signage should be enough.

    sent my map in :) lets hope it'll be accepted :p
    Last edited by FT»lolig, 12 April 2015 14:51:18
    Moped Racer
    Location: BE
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