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Canyon Premier League
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Canyon Premier League 17 April 2015 16:32:33  
CPL - Canyon Premier League

Why a new League?
the Canyon Community is hardly splitted into 2 groups: the comp drivers and the fun drivers. A huge amount of fun drivers would like to drive competitions but do not like the maps beein played there. This gap we try to fill up with this competition here.

Short Summary
this will be a season based event. All drivers will be setted to diffrent leagues, such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd league and so on.
For the first season there will be a time-attack qualifying to set the people into the matching league.
One Season will be 12 weeks. During weekdays all league-servers will be setted to time-attack for free training.
On a certain day on a certain time (will be chosen by a public poll) all servers are setted to rounds mode for 2 hours.
In this window you can gain points for the league.
Every season will have 30 maps and the map chose that will be played in the point-window is randomly.

When the season is ended, the best 5 player will participate in a higher league, the 5 worst players in a lower league, the next season.

As award we will make ingame-tags in gold, silver and bronze for the 3 best players in every league. Also a Hall of Fame will be done, where you can see what driver won what title in what league how many times.

Detailed Informations
you can find the hole concept paper under:

What do we need now?
A hell big amount of good maps!

This points the maps should fullfill:
- 30-65 secs length
- no cuts
- respawnable
- gps
- fun style (maps like f.e. on csb fun serv,, very short)
- easy to drive, hard to master (no esl-style maps f.e.)
- named to: "CPL - trackname"
- maps can be released on MX as well

You can send the mails to following email-adress:

It would be nice if you help us out of this first little problem and hand us in as many maps as possible!

If you have any further questions, just contact me (lara), hecker, dero or jpad
You can also visit us on our teamspeak:

Thanks a lot for your support and let us make this thing big!

CruZ the CPL-Admin-Team
Last edited by HARD-CoRe, 20 April 2015 17:43:12
Learner Driver
Location: CH
17 April 2015 16:51:22  
all styles al

Moped Racer
Location: DE
17 April 2015 16:59:52  
Sounds fun, however I'd prefer some solid tech tracks instead of those csb-style "fun" maps which are quite random in my eyes.
Quad Bike Racer
Location: DE
17 April 2015 17:07:31  
in generall all style (expect lol) is allowed.

i see your point riolu. tech maps is ok, but they should not be too hard, cause we want to close the gap between the "pro" and the "fun" community.

We don't ame to re-make an ESL-Comp, we try to make a comp where a lot of normally not comp-drivers will participate in, cause they like the maps :d

sry for my bad english ^^ i hope you understand the point :d
Learner Driver
Location: CH
19 April 2015 07:17:56  
Awesome idea! But one thing isn't clear for me. When is the deadline for submitting maps?
Old Age Caravanner
Location: DE
19 April 2015 19:31:54  
As we do need them constantly there is no deadline.
This is an onduring upcoming event (played about 4 seasons a year)
So as you have a map, just send it =)
It will be played in the season after the actually running one =)

Learner Driver
Location: CH
20 April 2015 06:56:34  
Have the feeling I'm being used as a "bad" example here ...
Moped Racer
23 April 2015 15:11:00  
CPL - Logo Files

If you want to use the CPL - Logo you have two versions here:

CPL - Logo as png with no background (so you can color it as you need it) // 1:1:

CPL - Logo with black background 2:1:
Last edited by HARD-CoRe, 24 April 2015 08:15:36
Learner Driver
Location: CH
29 April 2015 07:02:55  
We just finished the CPL-Website:

Have a look on it and spread the link :d

CruZ LaRa
Learner Driver
Location: CH
07 May 2015 08:59:32  
Start Qualification

The Qualification will start @ 19.07.2015 // 8pm CEST


And we still need a lot of maps =)

Would be cool if some of you might help us out!

All needed informations for the map-building you will find under:

Thanks a lot mates!
Learner Driver
Location: CH
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