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Trackmania Turbo Announced
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Trackmania Turbo Announced 16 June 2015 00:17:15  
Trackmania Turbo announced at E3 2015. TM hits next gen consoles!

-Release 27.11.2015 moved to 24th of March 2016 (22 March in United States)
-Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
-4 new environments especially made for trackmania turbo: Lagoon Rollercoaster, International Stadium, Canyon Drift, and Dirty Valley
-5 difficulty levels
-200 tracks
-Trackbuilder (track editor)
-One-button track generator (meh)
-Double driver - control one car with two controllers
-Systemic music - music is tied to your racing experience

E3 gameplay
E3 press conference
E3 screens
Maniaplanet discussion
Ubisoft page
Hello Planet #5
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Quad Bike Racer
Location: NL
16 June 2015 00:34:49  
HYPE (l) (l)
consoles are: ps4, xbox one
check this out
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Learner Driver
Location: DE
16 June 2015 01:09:30  
This is like the least off topic thread possible.
The Seventy Fifth District
Location: US
16 June 2015 01:42:19  
Thread moved cheers.
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Quad Bike Racer
Location: NL
16 June 2015 01:46:01  
Moved to Trackmania 2 Chat.

I'm honestly a bit underwhelmed, but not unsurprised. Seems like usual nando.
On the ubisoft game page they did mention split-screen dual-racing with collision, sounds kind of interesting. Regardless I don't have either new gen consoles nor do I plan on getting them, so I think I'll sit the stadium reskin and island remake out.
Maybe others can be a bit less pessimistic.
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The Seventy Fifth District
Location: US
16 June 2015 02:15:00  
If this is the chance to get more people into the game, I'll take it :) Looks pretty good, gotta try this out when it comes - maybe it's my ticket back to TM.
Back in action!
Location: FI
16 June 2015 02:58:35  
Deep fried
Location: AU
16 June 2015 08:42:12  
Hopefully the handlings won't be dull (as in the Wii game imo), but the lagoon stuff reminded me of just that >.<

Still, console hype. And those menus and models look reeaally nice.

"Press TRIANGLE to respawn" (l)
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Location: NO
16 June 2015 09:23:39  
Zimmer Racer
Location: LT
16 June 2015 10:45:08  
They still haven't even finished Trackmania 2. Let alone Questmania and Shootmania. Or putting the old environments on MP.

I don't want to be an arse, but the way they treated MX with the whole steam workshop thing, I don't see them making any effort to integrate MX to the console versions.

The new environment not being arse-bent on being realistic is the only good thing I got from this. The new stadium hurts my eyes.
Moped Racer
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