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Vision Cup
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Vision Cup 20 June 2015 18:30:13  

Hey MX!:d

We are organizing Vision Cup!:cool: A just for fun cup that anyone can participate in!(y)
The theme for this cup will be Mixed Styles. All tracks will be in the Stadium Environment.

3 Dirt Maps, 20-30 sec
3 Tech maps, ~25 sec
3 Full-speed maps, ~30 sec
1 With all 3 styles, ~1 min

The main thought behind the Vision Cup is to create more activity here in the community and making it more fun to be active!

To participate, simply upload your replays to all the tracks and reply on this post!(y)

The player with the lowest total time will win, so even if you don't have any world records you still have a good

The prize is honor, glory and the chance to help organizing a similar cup of your liking! (maybe a track-showcase for top 3)

Anybody can participate, new or old players alike. It doesn't matter.;)

The cup will start on Thursday the 30th of June and end on Sunday the 31st of July.

You can follow the results here:

Any thoughts and questions are welcome!


Clearvision and Mwett:d



Vision - Quasar,
Vision - S'mallDirt,
Vision - Moraine,


Vision - Hawking,
Vision - Helix,
Vision - Gamma,


Vision - Glasses.
Vision - Black-Body,
Vision - Katse,


Vision - Protracted,
Last edited by Clearvision.wp, 16 July 2015 16:48:53
Quad Bike Racer
Location: FI
20 June 2015 19:25:15  
im in(y)
Moped Racer
Location: DE
30 June 2015 16:22:45  
Link to Vision - Glasses:

Last edited by Dodeka, 30 June 2015 16:23:42
Old Age Caravanner
Location: CA
30 June 2015 16:50:01  
Try my
Last edited by Denny, 30 June 2015 16:51:12
Learner Driver
Location: CZ
30 June 2015 17:04:07  
im in too!
are cuts allowed?
Moped Racer
Location: DE
30 June 2015 17:34:05  
in :) please don't allow cuts :$
Old Age Caravanner
Location: DE
30 June 2015 20:40:54  
Sounds fun ! I'm in too:)
Learner Driver
Location: BE
01 July 2015 13:58:55  
what about cuts now????
Moped Racer
Location: DE
02 July 2015 09:48:10  
If you want to play the maps online, my team put them on our server!
The server is somewhere in France, called "wof techexperience" atm and maybe something like "vision cup train" later ^^
HF train guyz!

NB: don't allow cut..
Learner Driver
Location: BE
06 July 2015 14:52:00  
Yes no cuts please! If they become a problem i will remake those tracks! Of course your old no-cut times will still count! (y)
Quad Bike Racer
Location: FI
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