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Paragon League - Chase Mapping Competition (results on page 6!)
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31 August 2015 21:36:39  
Hey i have some questions regarding scenery:
What is considered Lightweight scenery for normal map?
Is there any copper limit i should not breach?
Is there any way to test this and be sure it is good?
Can we use sunset mood?
Can we change fog color in Ambience or add cameras to Podium mt ?

It might sounds stupid but those questions i keep asking my self while building map for this competition.
Old Age Caravanner
Location: RS
31 August 2015 21:59:18  
Hey maxi!

Lightweight scenery basically means that your track shouldn't look empty, but the scenery shouldn't distract the driver and you shouldn't fill every block with something. You could check the new STC maps (just search STC in 'Find Tracks') for example, they'll give you an idea of what the scenery should be like. There isn't any fixed copper limit that you can't go over, you should just try to make the map nice-looking with a few scenery elements :)

All moods are allowed. You can't change the fog color or anything in the intro/ingame/outro MT, but feel free to edit podium cameras!
Back in action!
Location: FI
31 August 2015 22:28:47  
OK, thanks, got it and will do. (y)
Old Age Caravanner
Location: RS
01 September 2015 08:25:09  
Can u tell, just cuz itss interesting me, how maps got submitted already?
Moped Racer
Location: DE
03 September 2015 22:15:19  
I finished my track and uploaded to PLC group, good luck everyone:cool:
Quad Bike Racer
Location: IT
03 September 2015 23:00:48  
I don't know the exact number at the moment aerosol, but we still need plenty more maps ;)
gado is a
Location: DE
05 September 2015 17:11:10  
Yep, just keep the tracks coming guys - a little less than two weeks left now(y)

Remember that you can build a second entry if you already submitted one map :)
Back in action!
Location: FI
10 September 2015 21:48:04  
2 maps sent:done:
Learner Driver
Location: HR
13 September 2015 01:49:16  
Just uploaded my two maps--that was a fun building exercise (being forced to pay specific attention to CP times, and what the spaces between CPs would be like for trading places). :)
Track Slacker
Location: US
13 September 2015 17:36:30  
Good news for all that don't have time to finish their maps in 4 days - we have decided to extend the deadline to Monday 21st!

You have one full week to get your entries in a great shape - go go go go!! :)
Back in action!
Location: FI
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