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Location: Home  Community Forums  Screenshot Competitions  [SC][TM2V] Vroom | Win: 5000p+ | CLOSED 
[SC][TM2V] Vroom | Win: 5000p+ | CLOSED
Page: 2 of 2 Locked
28 January 2016 02:34:30  
Thanks for the new submissions dMw and mgafMUAT! (y)
Site Leader
Location: US
07 February 2016 01:15:09  
HEY!! Where'd you go eyebo? (brb)
Quad Bike Racer
Location: CL
13 May 2016 14:34:01  
Oops, sorry I took so long to close this.:$

:gold: dMw
I love the creativity and originality of this one.

:silver: mgafMUAT
The angle is nice. :)

:bronze: dMw
This one was great too, although the text could have been better. I like the triptych look showing different parts of the map.

Thanks for participating guys!

Let me know what tracks you guys want to showcase on the trackpage. dMw, you can pick two showcases. mgafMUAT, you can pick one too. :)

I sent the planets to both of you.
Last edited by eyebo.wp, 13 May 2016 14:44:01
Site Leader
Location: US
Page: 2 of 2 Locked
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