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ESL needs YOUR Canyon multilap-maps!
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ESL needs YOUR Canyon multilap-maps! 23 January 2016 13:39:12  

Soon we'll be organising the second edition of the Endurance Premiership. In order to do so, we're going to need plenty of maps (and maptesters).

Map requirements
Please make sure your map complies with the following requirements:

Requirements says:
Mapname: "ESL - Name"
  • Add the spaces around the "-"
  • Start your mapname with a capital
  • Team- and playernames (exact or similar) are not allowed in the mapname
  • No special signs are allowed in the name
General requirements
  • Maplength: 50-70 seconds (flying lap)
  • Validation: 3 laps
  • GPS, intros and outros are forbidden
  • Give the map a delicate and nice outlook
  • Use a range of blocks, avoid only using platform and GP-blocks!
  • Embedded blocks are allowed (preferably not as scenery)
  • Checkpoints should be placed (around) every 10 seconds
  • Placing checkpoints backwards is forbidden
  • Blockmixing is allowed, if it does not produce graphical glitches or driving bugs
  • Add a podium to your map!
  • The scenery is up to you (make sure it doesn't produce lags, lighting problems or graphical bugs!)
  • Avoid blinding tunnelexits and too dark sections!
Sign usageMap availability
  • The map has not been used in any competition before
  • The map is only known by yourself
  • The map is not uploaded anywhere

Send your validated map(s), together with a replay to:

Use "Maps - CEP2 - your nickname" as mailsubject, your mail might be missed otherwise.
The deadline for sending in your map(s) is Sunday, 28th of February!

Map testers
In order for us to use the best of the maps, we're looking for maptesters. Everyone can sign-up to become maptester, as we are looking quite a few testers in order to spread the maps and make some of them a surprise to the testers as well. You can open a support ticket to ask to become a maptester. Make sure to mention your level, previous experience as maptester and if you intend on playing this competition.

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Page: 1 of 1 Locked
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