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Location: Home  Community Forums  Monthly Track Contest  MTC June 2016: Shuttling hoops 
MTC June 2016: Shuttling hoops
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01 July 2016 09:31:40  
MLNR. Poupipomme says:
I'm waiting

keep calm. It doens't matter if he publishes the results today, tomorrow, or in one week. It's just a small competition.
Beetle Racer
Location: DE
Publishing results 01 July 2016 20:55:36  
Would be nice if it was before 4th of July because I am going to mandatory service for 11 months and would be nice to see how bad or how well did my map do!:d
Last edited by krismayhem, 01 July 2016 20:55:57
Learner Driver
Location: EE
01 July 2016 22:08:21  

The results are in!

Once again we have a tie for the second place. However, the winner is up and away from them... And the winner is... (Drumroll please)

Congratulations Voyager006 on your victory!

Silver and bronze silver [ ( 'w') ] go to:
:silver: "Bouncy.MTC by   Solux
:silver: "mtc.structural collapse by   iHq/fredair.esu

Congratulations to all podium finishers, you've earned yourselves a showcase! To see the full result disclosure, click here. To just see the scores, see the image below.

Now relax as I'll be taking the weekend to think of a possible theme for July MTC. I'd also like to say that any feedback to the tracks should be added to the comments section in the voting sheet, the builders will appreciate it.

And if they don't, that's a paddlin' ( 'w')
The Green Dude
Location: ES
01 July 2016 22:25:27  
GG guys ;) ! And see you for the next contest :) !
G-kart Racer
Location: FR
01 July 2016 23:11:31  
Congrats to the winners! They certainly deserved it.(y) I had fun with this one, but it looks like I'll need to get more creative with the next theme. I can't wait to see what it is!
MTC Host
Location: US
02 July 2016 08:57:22  
Gj all there was great maps
Learner Driver
Location: FR
02 July 2016 09:06:26  
Whyam I only 3 pts. behind the 1st place? Don't quite understand it since voyagers map was outstanding with what he brought to the mtc. Deserved
And just one thing yi want to mention: ty arkive for writing so long comments, i absoloutly love it.
Beetle Racer
Location: DE
02 July 2016 16:49:35  
Thanks, Fredair! I just want to make sure everyone knows exactly why I gave my scores. Really, we should thank everyone who gave comments; even if it's only a sentence or two, knowing why you got a score can help you improve quite a bit!
MTC Host
Location: US
03 July 2016 22:13:11  
GG everyone and thank you very much for voting fredair and me to second place :cool:
Buffer Overflow
Location: DE
04 July 2016 21:36:38  
Good game! Both fredairs and Soluxs maps are very good, and I doubted a win for me considering the difficulty gap. I'm really happy though, a pleasant surprise, the only thing I missed was more creative use of the checkpoints (also Valley was left out completely).

Thanks to all judges for their splendid efforts, always enjoying reading the comments. Also thanks to the participants and hosts for keeping this competition going :)
Last edited by Voyager006, 04 July 2016 21:41:21
Location: NO
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