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Location: Home  Community Forums  Monthly Track Contest  MTC November 2016: Man, this isn't where I parked my car... 
MTC November 2016: Man, this isn't where I parked my car...
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MTC November 2016: Man, this isn't where I parked my car... 06 November 2016 17:13:36  

    Welcome to the ManiaExchange Monthly Track Contest (MTC), November 2016.

    In the MTC your task is to build a track on a given theme (see below). Later on, all of the entered tracks will be rated and a winner will be found.

  • Theme of the Month: Man, this isn't where I parked my car...
    Basically, envimix! Bring your car to another environment and do some funky stuff with it

    • Sadly this does rule out the stadium environment. Blame Nadeo. You can still use the stadium car tho.
    • While the theme is pretty simple, it'd be nice if you used the capabilities of the new environment to the fullest while using a different car.
    • Mods that change the scenery of an environment to other environment are banned from this theme. I know most people don't use them but I believe it'd go against the spirit of the rules

  • Deadline
    All tracks should be submitted before the end of Sunday 20, November 2016 PDT.

  • Prize
    :gold: Honour and the right to brag! (Jozii used to say that. I hope anyone still remembers him? :p)
    :gold: The top 3 winners will receive a showcase of a track of their choice (< 10 awards)

  • General Rules

    • Track-/Laplength below 90 seconds
    • Custom objects allowed
    • Envimixing obligatory. It's the thee after all8-|
    • Blockmixing allowed
    • Custom Titlepacks forbidden
    • No PX tracks
    • MTC should be present in the mapname. Example: Shuttleloop Highway«MTC
    • 1 map per author

  • How to submit
    • To enter a track, simply upload it and post a link to your submission in the submission thread.
    • You can update your map within the deadline as many times as you want.

  • Judging
    We'll use the well well well known public judging system:
    • Everyone is allowed to judge, even players who submitted a map (give your own map a 10)
    • Every map will be judged with marks from 1 (bad) to 10 (gud).
    • Note that you have to judge a stage entirely, you cannot judge only half of it.
      More details will appear after submission ends

    Good luck, and as always: If you have any questions, please ask :)

Some Tutorials
Last edited by FT»Osaka, 06 November 2016 17:16:28
The Green Dude
Location: ES
06 November 2016 21:33:31  

In the interest of promoting sane discourse, all the useless debate about whether or not I could do anything about envimixing in Stadium will be edited out or removed. Thank you for your time.

Last edited by FT»Osaka, 07 November 2016 23:36:44
Beetle Racer
Location: DE
06 November 2016 22:17:14  
[...] it's kinda sad that you can't have a CanyonCar on Stadium map for example, and it's Nadeo's fault for that.
But I don't see any problem for people only driving Stadium. The Stadium car can drive all environments.:$
Last edited by FT»Osaka, 07 November 2016 23:38:08
Old Age Caravanner
06 November 2016 22:20:59  
I think this is a good and open MTC, there isnt really any restrictions to it. I think fredair means that people that only makes maps in stadium wont make tracks for this MTC as they arent used to the mapping int the other envis. I think this MTC will have more popularity than tha last one. Lets hope so(y)
Quad Bike Racer
Location: FI
07 November 2016 21:56:07  
[...] this is a good theme.
Last edited by FT»Osaka, 07 November 2016 23:39:26
Learner Driver
08 November 2016 10:34:16  
I'll bet Fredair's going "YOU'RE PROMOTING CENSORSHIP!".
But anyways, yeah. It is a good theme, despite Stadium only allowing StadiumCars. Not my problem.
Learner Driver
08 November 2016 12:25:55  
Honestly I don't like that limitation either, I wanted to make a valley on stadium track when native envimixing was released. But oh well. Nadeo's fault.

I'm assuming that since in united it was hacked in they couldn't do anything ( 'w')
The Green Dude
Location: ES
08 November 2016 18:47:13  
I don't see how it is sane to censor what ppl have to say on a community site (apart from insults obviously)... Just proving you're not fitting to a cup manager role again, nice. Hope you'll soon get busy irl so we get someone else and i can bother doing something i used to love.

Peace out (dont bother answering, cuz i wont even check, and feel free to censor again, i'm fine with it <3)
Last edited by AR »DrHugs., 08 November 2016 18:48:38
Quad Bike Racer
10 November 2016 18:49:35  
Over at TMX we've had themes which excluded environments (e.g. engine killer, connect the blocks, strange envimixes, limited coppers), and themes which was restricted to a single environment (tmn anniversary). After all, most (but not all) themes are designed to restrict by removing functionality that is otherwise available. An environment is just one of them.

I understand that this theme requires multiple games/environments to play, and that rules out players who only own one game. This doesn't apply for Stadium players only, but also for players with Canyon or Valley as their only stand-alone games. You could say that the requirements are higher for this MTC, though many competitions such as our weekly knockout requires all three games to play.

The MTC is about challenging yourself to build something out of your comfort zone, either by restrictions or by promotions. The creativity in some of these MTC maps astonishes me still. Obviously it's easier to build something in an environment you're used to build and drive in, but there's quite a lot to gain by extending your limits and exploring a little. ;)
Last edited by Voyager006, 10 November 2016 18:53:30
Location: NO
11 November 2016 02:40:35  
From what I know, the multi-environment demo should allow people to map for this contest. Maybe I'm completely wrong, I've had all 3 titles since before multi-envi was a thing. But that didn't seem to be a problem in September MTC which required the use of a multi-envi title.
The Green Dude
Location: ES
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