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WRC TP Got release as a RX Title pack instead
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WRC TP Got release as a RX Title pack instead 05 February 2017 14:25:40  
World Rally Trackmania
Title Pack coming in 2017

Hello all
so i have some spare time and with the new update coming to TM, i have started to make a title pack, it will be built as a solo mode only, as its a rally event pack..

14 World events.
5 tracks per event.
total of 70 tracks.
across multi valley mods.
30+custom blocks by xrayjay made just for this title pack.
extra event added so more than above ^^^

but after the pack is released i will make more tracks to each event.

2nd Skin for the arch

i will update this post when i have more to add
Due to the arch been a RedBull we may have to re skin it, i have got some logos i can use, but not the RB arch so i have emailed RedBull about using it as fan art, and wait for there replie if they Say No i will remove it and use the 2nd skin

World Events
Monte Carlo
San remo
Wales GB
and 2 special rally events to add
Last edited by WRAITH, 04 November 2017 12:02:45
Location: GB
update 06 February 2017 20:09:38  
Tracks are on hold till the update, thats the easy part for me not take long to make 70 tracks lol
but we have had a set back maybe, some people have emailed me back and can not use there sign/names, due to
copyrights as i want this title pack to be real as i can without breaking any copyrights.
so i have now start to think of fake name products
sofar i have 5 names and 4 new signs made

Want to have your sign in game ?

challenge yous to think of Fake names for products
Rules are simple once you come up with a name then google it ! if there is anything like that name/product then its no good and you have to rethink of something else.

if you have a idea of the image for the product please add it


No word back from RedBull about the arch, may have to chase that up more
Location: GB
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