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Location: Home  Community Forums  Map Requests  ESL needs YOUR Canyon endurance maps! 
ESL needs YOUR Canyon endurance maps!
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ESL needs YOUR Canyon endurance maps! 09 February 2017 11:05:19  

After the Winter break, the ESL will be organising the Canyon Endurance Premiership 3. In order for us to do so, we're in need of your best Canyon maps! We hope that you'll have some time to spare in the upcoming month to build us (an) amazing map(s)!

All information can be found in the newspost on If you have any questions regarding requirements, please feel free to use the mailaddress linked in the newspost. Posts in this topic might get overlooked...

Thanks in advance for all your maps!

Deadline: Sunday March 12, 2017
Last edited by eyebo.wp, 13 August 2018 00:09:22
Trust me, I'm a professional.
Location: NL
09 February 2017 12:09:04  
Thrilled to see endurance in ESL!
Think I might try to build a track for that one.
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