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[Embeddable Objects] ManiaPlanet 4
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22 March 2018 14:08:11  
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27 March 2018 17:31:05  


Those ramps are made to make some things smoother, as you can see on this screen:
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Old Age Caravanner
08 April 2018 19:30:38  


19 embeddable items here :)

Improved and renewed for mp4, original idea of tgyoshi

If you´re using the old ones, it´s time now to switch to the updated ones, made for maniaplanet 4 ;)
It´s highly recommended to replace the old files.

I added icons to every item, made new lightmaps, made new Base UV maps and fixed some bugs, added also some new items.
Thx to tgyoshi (for providing some files) & eyebo (for testing and giving some ideas for new blocks)
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09 April 2018 17:38:28  
few examples how they could be used:

and many other combination :thumbsup:
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Old Age Caravanner
22 July 2018 18:43:37  

4 items here

includes also checkpoint versions of each
Common item with custom textures (not embeddable)
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Trying Unique Idea
Location: CA
18 September 2018 22:24:17  
Platforms embedded with dirt roads. Includes checkpoints, but they are non-functional (editor limitations).

Learner Driver
11 November 2018 07:42:04  

free - 0 planets

TM15 year monument for all envis !


Happy Birthday NADEO(y)
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