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Mania Tech Wiki
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Mania Tech Wiki 14 June 2017 09:24:12  
TM-Wiki (formerly at died about a year and a half ago. It covered general info about the entire TrackMania series, but it also was the only place to collect detailed technical information about the GameBox engine, the GBX and MUX file formats, and related topics and tools. For this reason especially, a suitable wiki was missed by technical specialists in the community.

Enter the Mania Tech Wiki. :d

This site aims to document technical aspects of, and technology in, the games in the Mania series by Nadeo (ok, and Virtual Skipper too). It is a very small wiki now, and because of its nature is likely to remain quite small too. Nonetheless, interested contributors are now invited to sign up and start adding relevant information.

TM-Wiki was a bit of a spam magnet, just like MP-Forum (occasionally) and TM-Forum (daily) attract spam. Because I want to spend as little time as possible dealing with that, anonymous editing is not allowed, and an account to edit the wiki needs to be requested and confirmed by me. Including a link to your forum profile serves as enough indication that you are a community member rather than a prospective wiki abuser. ;) I hope this protective measure doesn't bother you if you're considering to contribute.

Mania Tech Wiki was initiated and is managed by Xymph with support from Electron and TGYoshi.
XASECO[2] Developer
Location: NL
14 June 2017 21:30:25  
I sent a PM here Xymph :)
Quad Bike Racer
Location: US
15 June 2017 02:40:42  
Nice initiative! I was recently missing tm-wiki when trying to look up info about GBX files. So it's nice to see such a wiki.

Posted news about it on MX front page. (y) I hope knowledgeable players contribute to it!
Site Leader
Location: US
15 June 2017 10:06:04  
Sorry for posting in the wrong forum and thanks for the extra exposure!(y)
Last edited by Xymph, 15 June 2017 10:06:39
XASECO[2] Developer
Location: NL
15 June 2017 14:16:08  
Wow, great to have all of this compiled knowledge accessible! I had tinkered around with many things like GBX files before and learned most things from some PHP files by Nadeo (?) which I found buried in some GitHub repository as I couldn't find any proper source for information regarding the content and layout of those files. Now, it's just a matter of taking a look at the wiki and finding out more than one could ever want to know about the files (l)
Thank you so much for creating this wiki - it means a lot to me and hopefully other people will put it to good use as well :)
Buffer Overflow
Location: DE
25 June 2017 22:56:07  
Great stuff here! I always wondered what happened to the old TM Wiki Page.. Thanks Xymph
Moped Racer
Location: AU
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