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Knockout Sign Pack
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Knockout Sign Pack 23 September 2017 20:17:26  


Until now, custom signs have been disallowed due to the chances of them not loading, making way-finding a possible issue. We've decided to allow some signs for usage in knockout tracks!

This sign pack consists of one full single-colour set of signs (black) and all flat-colour 'wall' signs from the MX Sign Pack 2.0.
If you already have the full regular MX Sign Pack 2.0, then you will already have these signs and don't need to download this pack, however we ask you only use the signs mentioned above in knockout tracks.

For those who don't want to download these signs, but wish to play the knockout, before the first round, a map will play that displays all signs within the pack to allow your game to download them ahead of time.

MX KO Sign Pack Download
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30 April 2020 11:21:03  
That header was made by me when I was still admin :d glad to see it still in use!
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