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CBC - Creative Building Contest
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CBC - Creative Building Contest 04 March 2018 16:19:56  

Creative Building Contest

Welcome to the very first edition of the CBC, the Creative Building Contest, brought to you by   fredair.esu. The origin of this competition is TMX, it was once hosted there. Here's the link of the TMX thread.


The task in this competition is very simple, there are no restrictions at all. All you have to do is build a very creative track. How you execute this is up to you.

General rules

  • Use the tag CBC to mark the track as a part of the competition.
  • All ManiaPlanet Environments & Styles are allowed
  • Envimixing is allowed
  • All custom titlepacks are allowed
  • Custom Objects are allowed
  • Oversized base maps are allowed
  • Minimum length is 30 seconds
  • Using already exisiting maps (in beta-phase or already released) is not allowed

    Other information

  • Deadline is 29th of April 6th of May 2018
  • Don't update you map after the deadline
  • To submit your map, post it in this forum thread
  • Judging system: Closed; Categories are Creativity (20p), Fun (10p), Flow (10p), Scenery (5p), MediaTracker (5p)
  • You may submit one track maximum
  • Duo tracks are allowed; but each map counts as one track for each author involved


  • The first place will get a frontpage showcase here on ManiaExchange (< 10 awards)
  • We will maybe have some planets, gonna think about that.

    I am of course looking for judges. If you want to help, write me pm here or on Discord [iHq/fredair.esu#1076]. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! If someone else, who is not part of the hosting crew, answers your question, it's not proven to be right.

    Good luck and have fun!

    Edit: corrected spelling mistakes / more clear to read
    Last edited by fredair.esu, 07 May 2018 20:44:25
  • ( x ~~~ x` *)
    Location: DE
    04 March 2018 16:31:32  

    submitted maps:

    ( x ~~~ x` *)
    Location: DE
    04 March 2018 19:30:20  
    Funny thing, i was about to build a creative map8-| ! I'm in :d
    Last edited by Eternity, 04 March 2018 19:30:40
    Trying Unique Idea
    Location: CA
    30 March 2018 00:55:20  
    No limits, perfect, that's the way I enjoy building, -might be in too.;)
    Learner Driver
    Location: CA
    30 March 2018 19:05:21  
    I'm definitly in !:done:
    Learner Driver
    Location: FR
    31 March 2018 09:07:25  
    Creative? I'm in too! I enjoy building with no limits;)
    Learner Driver
    31 March 2018 10:17:13  
    I started yesterday night. Now I finished.
    Learner Driver
    15 April 2018 15:23:32  
    Here's my contribution: CBC | S y m p h o n y
    Learner Driver
    Location: FR
    24 April 2018 19:38:38  
    Location: DK
    25 April 2018 15:06:17  

    The deadline will be extended by 7 days. New deadline is 6th of may!

    ( x ~~~ x` *)
    Location: DE
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