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Rules for map requests
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Rules for map requests 25 May 2018 09:18:13  
Organizations that run TrackMania competitions and events are often searching for new maps. This is a central place where organizations can let ManiaExchange mappers know they're accepting new map submissions.

Note: This forum is not for mapping competitions. It's for driving competitions that are seeking new maps for their events.

Please follow these simple rules when posting map requests:

Write your event name in the topic title, along with any relevant info about the season.

    Also tell us:
  • Any rules and requirements for submitting maps
  • How the maps must be submitted (e.g. privately or publicly, via email or url, etc.)
  • When the map can be released publicly

Requests that have reached their deadline will be closed and the topic locked.
Create a new topic for each request.

We suggest letting each mapper know privately if their map is accepted or not. That way they're not left wondering. Either way, it'll motivate them to build again if they're not left hanging.

This is a new forum, so we may add to these rules at any time if we see areas that need attention.
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