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Map Building Challenge
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Map Building Challenge 28 June 2018 18:55:20  
Had this already posted but in the false topic...
Hey guys,
I'm searching for somebody (hopefully at least one person) who would start like a competition with me. (Between us, free for others to join)

How should this cometition look like?
In this competition we should build maps with strict rules, a bit like in the MTC, but more challenging and maybe on a weekly base or with two weeks of building time.

Why do I want to do this?
I like chellenges and I think it is more interesting to build something like that. But I lack the motivation to build maps for me with these restrictions (maybe since I am a too bad driver), and when I post them on here I feel like nobody cares about the retrictions and just see that this is a not so good map.

What could the rules look like?
They are not set. We can look what challenge we set up and adjust them on this base. But the challenge should be in Stadium or Canyon (I prefer Stadium), because I only have these environments)

What are these "challenges" I talked about?
We can set the challenges our selves.
But I have some ideas:
- build something on a pre build, not ready map, where you are not allowed to change anything, that was there before
- build a multilap map where you have to drive 3 different routes to have the fastest time
- build with only blocks that are wider than 1x1 (on x-y-axis/ if you look from the top)
- build a map that is like a music video (like in the intro witch was purely made on this map or something like that)
- build a map where you feel like in a movie, due to the scenery or media tracker
- ...

Other general information:
There is nothing to win except honor and fun.

We judge the tracks ourselves and I think there will be a clear winner if the challenges are challenging enough. But if there are a lot people to participate it I have to think about something else.

I am not looking for a big competition by all cost but maybe more for somebody I can exchange my maps with and have a fun time building this challenging stuff. But if its happen to be a competition, I happyly take it too.

You can PM me if you are interested or just comment and I'll PM you.

That was all from my side. Good race, have fun, good luck and have a nice day
Old Age Caravanner
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