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[90MC - 13] 15th TM Anniversary Edition
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23 November 2018 21:34:32  
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23 November 2018 21:35:50  
Learner Driver
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23 November 2018 22:09:58  
Learner Driver
24 November 2018 06:59:24  
Missing maps in this thread :

[Bad Track/Map Link]
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Quad Bike Racer
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24 November 2018 07:01:45  
Quad Bike Racer
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24 November 2018 17:00:54  
Very cool theme this time! Thanks for hosting it!
Site Leader
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26 January 2019 14:00:30  
We are frankly sorry to have taken so long to get the results out of the ground, we had some small issues and now I just ask you to forgive us... Sorry for the inconvenience.:(

:gold: :silver: :bronze: - R E S U L T S - :bronze: :silver: :gold:
:gold: "[90MC - 13] - Disorder by   Lars
:silver: "[90MC - 13] - Skyline by   Deska
:bronze: "[90MC - 13] Nice Game by   luk-t-obk

Congratulations.   Lars, please send me a pm for you frontpage showcase!

The full voting sheet can be found here and overall ranking there.
The winners will win the promised goodies , you will get a message about this soon. Lars being in first place will win the goodies but also a showcase here on the frontpage of ManiaExchange and a showcase video on YouTube. If you want to cash it in please send me a pm when you want !:p

Thank you everyone for the great submissions and sorry for the delay again:(:wait: .

Quad Bike Racer
Location: FR
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