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[Bug] [FIXED] Youtube embedded "video not found"
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[Bug] [FIXED] Youtube embedded "video not found" 11 December 2018 14:38:09  

Just a little note that the embedding of a Youtube video doesn't seem to work properly in the map description (and everywhere else it seems, cf. below) and it shows "video not found" despite the video exists and can be seen.
Example :

Edited since the video in the example got removed so it was a true video not found there.
Last edited by Ozon, 24 February 2019 12:07:19
Fast Twisters Creator
Location: FR
11 December 2018 17:47:37  
Thanks for the report!
Site Leader
Location: US
24 February 2019 12:07:30  
site development, media
Lead Developer
Location: DE
26 February 2019 04:07:45  
Fast Twisters Creator
Location: FR
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