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- MX USER CHOICE AWARDS: 2018 - Results on page 2!
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- MX USER CHOICE AWARDS: 2018 - Results on page 2! 01 January 2019 03:01:22  

1st of January - 14th of January

Happy New Year everyone!

Welcome to the second edition of the MXUCA, the MX User Choice Awards. This is an opportunity to look back at all of the great noteworthy people and creations over the past year.

Things will be run a little different to last year, everyone will be allowed to vote for up to 3 entries per category, with primary, secondary and tertiary votes. Votes will be counted up and scored to determine all winners.

The full list of categories will be listed in the following post, with 4 types of categories:
  • Creators of the Year: This is for the people who made some terrific things in 2018.

  • Creations of the Year: This is for the variety of amazing things made in 2018.

  • MX Users: This is for the outstanding people in the community, whether found in the forums, or on our discord.

  • MX Stats: These are for achievements that can be calculated with statistics, rather than votes.

> Voting for yourself is completely forbidden.
> You may vote for the same user across many categories, but keep variety in mind.
> If entries are unclear, they may be ignored, so please read the how-to shown below.
> This is about MX throughout 2018, so only creations released in the year will be accepted.
> To help remember things from earlier in the year, try looking back at past awards given, or downloads.
> There's no need to rush through all categories, if you need time to think things through, write down your choices on another document. This will also be a good backup in case something goes wrong.
> Deadline for voting is the end of the 14th of January, 2019 CET.
> Votes not confirmed in this thread may not be counted.
> If you have any further questions about voting, rules, categories, etc. Please feel free to ask in this thread.

1. Follow the link to a google form linked below.
2. Vote for up to 3 entries per category, listed from 1-3, with 1 being the favourite.
3. Vote for Creators and MX Users by giving their exact name as shown on MX, and vote for Map Creations with their Track ID shown on their track page.
4. Vote in as many categories as you can.
5. After submitting the form, confirm your vote by posting in this thread.


Results are posted on page 2!
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LIST OF CATEGORIES 01 January 2019 03:01:40  
Creators of the Year:
> Canyon Builder: The best Canyon builder in 2018.

> Valley Builder: The best Valley builder in 2018.

> Stadium Builder: The best Stadium builder in 2018.

> Lagoon Builder: The best Lagoon builder in 2018.

> Overall Builder: The best builder across all TM2 environments in 2018. (Late edit: I'll be more fair with this, as long as the builder has released a track in at least 3 environments in 2018)

> ShootMania Builder: The best ShootMania builder in 2018.

> Scenery Builder: Someone who built the most amazing scenery in their maps in 2018.

> Underrated Builder: For someone who hasn't had much recognition for their maps, but you think deserves more. (Their most awarded map from 2018 has less than 10 awards)

> Newcomer: Whether they're new to the game entirely, or just new to building; this is for someone who is new to releasing maps in 2018 and has already made some terrific stuff!

> Object Maker: The person who created the best objects in 2018; this includes both custom items and blocks.

> MediaTracker Maker: The person with the best use of MediaTracker in their maps in 2018.

> Screenshot Maker: The person who created the best screenshots for MX track pages in 2018

Creations of the Year:
> Canyon Map: The best Canyon map released in 2018.

> Valley Map: The best Valley map released in 2018.

> Stadium Map: The best Stadium map released in 2018.

> Lagoon Map: The best Lagoon map released in 2018.

> EnvMix Map: The best Environment-Mix map released in 2018.

> MTC Map: The best Monthly Track Contest entry from 2018.

> 90MC Map: The best 90MC entry from 2018.

> Track name: The coolest/funniest/overall best track name from 2018.

> Titlepack: The best titlepack released in 2018.

MX Users:
> Project of the Year: Not a specific user, but more the greatest project completed in 2018. This may be a community project, a campaign, a video. Any kind of big project.

> MX's Helping Hand: Someone dedicated to helping out wherever they can, or if they can't, they still try to!

> Most Active User: Someone who always seems to be around, building maps, giving feedback, always joining the conversation.

> Friendliest User: Someone who everyone is happy to see, they're always friendly to others, no matter the situation.

> Comeback of the Year: Someone who wasn't active in 2017, but has returned in a big way in 2018.

> MX Lifetime Achievement: This is the only category not specific to 2018. This is for the users who have been around for a long time, almost being seen as a legend within the community. This can only be won once per person.
Previous winners:
MX: eyebo
TMX: TimeBreaker, peteypablo7, HardDance, cranberries, MrA, Hitchy, pascow, SapphiroN, shortz
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01 January 2019 12:10:00  
no video category :(
Old Age Caravanner
Location: DE
01 January 2019 13:20:34  
Sorry for any missing categories like that. There's a few reasons for it.
We tried to cut down on too many overall, if we included one for video makers, we'd likely have to include one for other similar categories, in the same way as not having categories for individual built styles.
We wanted to try and focus more on site-specific things based around track building primarily.
As well, Huntmania's 2018 awards featured awards for video makers, videos and drivers. So we felt that it was already well-covered over there.
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01 January 2019 13:38:04  
Voted :done:
Site Leader
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01 January 2019 13:45:13  
Voted :done:
Location: AU
01 January 2019 22:53:32  
Make sure to write down your votes separately, since I just lost 3 hours of voting work because my page crashed. :-w :'( :@
Learner Driver
Location: HU
02 January 2019 09:30:51  
Voted :done:
Quad Bike Racer
Location: FR
02 January 2019 09:44:40  
Beetle Racer
Location: DE
02 January 2019 21:55:37  
Voted :done:
Old Age Caravanner
Location: NL
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