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Lighting for Sunset Stadium
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Lighting for Sunset Stadium 07 January 2019 13:05:44  
Hi all and MX team

I have a small question about the lighting of stadium maps that was automatically computed by the MX team during the MP4 update. I played on a few of these maps, and I noticed that for all (all that I checked at least) sunset maps, the lighting does not use the night mood. This affects the office blocks, the various indoor walls (the ones that create the blue surface instead of grass) andthe blue lines on the road itself, among other things. This affects stadium maps in sunset mood, and this makes some of them utterly undriveable (because we don't see nothing when there should be some light).

Is that something that you guys could investigate? Not sure exactly where it comes from, but it would be great if some light could be brought back ^^
G-kart Racer
Location: FR
08 January 2019 19:28:53  
This was a bug with converting old sunset maps using the batch converter. Even doing it in-game by opening the map and re-saving it doesn't fix the issue.

The only way to fix these maps is to reapply the sunset mood to them and re-save them.

I started doing it with some of the most awarded sunset stadium maps, but it's a very time consuming process.

In addition, many maps have passwords. So that adds another barrier in being able to update them.

There's also some builders that like this very dark look, so I'm not sure how much we should update without breaking maps that people intend to be that way.
Site Leader
Location: US
09 January 2019 10:58:48  
Ach, I suspected that there was no easy/automatic solutions to that, otherwise it would have been already solved XD Thanks for the insight(y)
G-kart Racer
Location: FR
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