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MX Discord & Forums Restructuring
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MX Discord & Forums Restructuring 18 February 2019 07:19:13  
MX Discord Restructuring
We've mostly completed our efforts to restructure the channels on MX Discord. New channels have been added. Others have been archived (you can access the old read-only channels at the bottom of the channel list).

Our goal is to provide users with access to the information they need, with more focus on the tools we all share, rather than splitting discussions between multiple environment channels.

In addition, we removed over 20 user roles, so you may have lost a color you once had. Sorry! With over 700 members on MX Discord, it became increasingly difficult to keep the roles updated.

We currently have 20 roles, but 8 of those will be removed when StarTrack² is completed.

MX Forums Restructuring
We also updated the forums on MX with some new forums and new categories. An effort was made to have the forums compliment the Discord channels.

Forums have their strengths, one of which is to more permanently store useful information. We encourage you to share your tutorials, blocks, items, signpacks, mods, and more on the forums. Use the forums as a place to store these things and link them on Discord.

Of course the forums also continues to be where the #mtc is hosted. And they have many other uses.

If you have suggestions on how we could improve the MX Discord server or the forums, feel free to let us know in the Feedback Forum or by replying to this topic.

Thanks, and have a great week!!!(y)
Location: US
18 February 2019 08:06:21  
We do have some work to do, updating some of the stickied forum posts, and moving some forum topics around. That'll happen over the coming weeks.
Location: US
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