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Location: Home  Community Forums  90 Minutes Competition  [90MC - 14] Shitfest edition ! POG 
[90MC - 14] Shitfest edition ! POG
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Quad Bike Racer
Location: DE
90MC - 14 MY LIFE IS COMPLETE GARBAGE 01 April 2019 20:04:04  
Learner Driver
01 April 2019 20:04:13
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Location: AU
01 April 2019 20:05:30  
Last edited by DdariQ, 02 April 2019 00:28:37
Learner Driver
Location: HU
01 April 2019 20:12:19  
Learner Driver
Location: PL
02 April 2019 17:49:08  
Thanks to everyone who participated in this special edition it was a pleasure for me to organize it even if there was some problem on my side I hope you liked it, we would never expected that there would be so many maps! ^^ ;) . Special thanks to Taxon, Jasper, Ozon and eyebo for their help!(y)
Quad Bike Racer
Location: FR
22 April 2019 13:22:03  

The results of this special April fools edition are out !

:gold: :silver: :bronze: - R E S U L T S - :bronze: :silver: :gold:
:gold: "[90MC - 14] - LiL $PAM by   riolu!
:silver: "[90MC - 14] Can you beat me? by   lu0cky
:bronze: "[90MC - 14] Ariana is god by   Loght

Congratulations.   riolu!, please send me a pm for you frontpage showcase!

The full voting sheet can be found here and overall ranking there.
riolu being in first place will win a showcase here on the frontpage of ManiaExchange and a showcase video on YouTube. If you want to cash it in please send me a pm about that when you want !:p

Thanks everyone for joining this amazing competition and having so much submissions that we could never have imagined (62 exactly , 56 judged ) :p , that was a pleasure for us to judging these shitmaps even it was hard to judge so many maps that's why our comments are not developped . Nevertheless we can do for your larger comment if want to even if your maps were shit:cool: .

akiliyh & Taxon
Quad Bike Racer
Location: FR
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