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TrackMania Open Dirt Solo Cup 2019 - Map Request
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TrackMania Open Dirt Solo Cup 2019 - Map Request 15 April 2019 16:07:05  
Hey MX!

See the public map request for the TrackMania Open Dirt Solo Cup below or directly on

Map Requirements:

Titlepack: TM² Competition Titlepack or TM² Stadium

Mood: Sunrise, Day or any custom time between those two

Style: Dirt – Make sure to only use road-, platform- or other non-dirt surfaces in a reasonable amount

Difficulty: Challenging but enjoyable

Length: 55 – 65 seconds

Custom Items: Allowed. Please only use them in a modest way and don’t build your map around them. This includes embedded items from the competition titlepack as well as external items

Blockmix: Allowed. Keep it clean and don’t overuse it. It must not cause any visual glitches or flickering

Scenery: Keep it light-ish and don’t block visibility with it. Maximum Display cost: 4000cc

Checkpoints: Respawnable. This includes to place them in the correct direction and to keep the track finishable without any trial strats after a respawn. Also place enough checkpoints

Media Tracker: Not allowed

Signpack: Only use the tmo# Signpack which you can download here

Map Submission

Your map must be known only by yourself and must not be seen by anyone else before a possible release. Therefore building live on stream is not allowed anymore. Also don't publish your map before we tell you to do so if its picked. After the cup you can of course publish all of your maps.

Declined maps from other tournaments are not allowed if you don’t rework them significantly according to potential feedback from the past.

Maximum of three maps per author including multi-author maps

Mapname: $eb1tmo$034# $fffYourNameHere – Please don’t use any additional formatting like $i , $n or any other colour. Your name should not contain any offensive words, no special characters, no team or player names and no company names.

Deadline: 12/05/2019

Upload your maps using the form linked on our homepage!

Enjoy building! For all questions join our Discord Server
Learner Driver
Location: DE
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