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Tech World Team Cup 2019 Map Request!
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Tech World Team Cup 2019 Map Request! 03 May 2019 18:56:34  

Map Request Guideline

* Name: $039WTC $fff- Nameofthemap
* Length: 45-60 seconds
* Mood: Day
* Difficulty : intermediate, open to everyone
* Respawnable: yes
* Blockmixing: allowed, but make sure it doesn't produce glitches or graphical bugs
* TM competition title pack and custom blocks: not allowed.
* Maps need to be built in the normal 32x32 stadium.
* Attractive scenery, but not overloaded: Tech <2500
* Don't protect your map with a password (maps will get re-validated by me so the testers don't know who built the maps)
* Check that there aren't any cuts
* The maps are known only by the mappers. (including duo maps)
* The sent-in map should be built exclusively for this tournament.
* The signpack has to be used. Authors should be aware of updating the map on request, as sponsors can still change.
* Maximum 2 maps per author (including duo maps)
* No mediatracker.

Please send your creations to the following E-Mail address: (precise your nickname and map name in the subject of the email, example: link - Testmap).

The deadline to send your maps is on the 2nd 16th June 2019.

The first map will most likely be released one week later on the 9th June 2019.
Last edited by Keissla.wp, 30 May 2019 22:13:51
Location: DK
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